Fire Tree

Fire Tree was inspired by wildfires, the colors and intensity of the wildfires are breathtaking and frightening at the same moment.  Yes, I was up-close to several wildfires during my years of guiding in Alaska.  It is a sight that stays with you.

Fire_TreeFire Tree started with a Hand Marbled Fat Quarter of Fire in Feathers Design.  Branches Reversed 12″ x 12″ is the stencil with three paintstik colors, Matte Ivory Black, Chocolate or Asphaltum (I don’t remember which, Dark Brown is the key) and Iridescent Gold.  Started by putting down a very light layer of Ivory Black as a primer, followed by a nice opaque layer of Dark Brown and finally a light wash of IR Gold to give depth and sparkle.

One of these days quilting will happen, but currently I am far to busy making more Hand Marbled Fabric for you.

Last Day

In_the_TrayAbove is the last Marbled piece of the in the tray.  Not the last piece ever, but just for this marbling season.  I was just looking at the pile of Marbled Fabric and realized that I was shooting for creating 400 pieces and I will have over 500 new pieces for this fall.  500 Fat Quarters of Hand Marbled Fabric just felt like it should be marked as an occasion.  Below is twenty pieces of Hot Pink in a variety of my designs.



That was then and this is now!

Beginnings_2003This Winter I received this in the mail.  This is a group of photos taken of my very first booth setup at a quilt snow.  If I remember correctly it is at La Conner Quilt Fest 2004.  At that time I just had Hand Dyed Marbled Fabric, a few sample, pillows and Framed Hand Marbled Fabric.  Now ten years later, things have changed. Now_2014 I now just fit into a 10′ x 20′ booth, my Hand Dyed Marbled Fabrics have expanded to include Hand Dyed Fabrics(Cotton and Silk), Snowed Dyed Fabrics and Hand Dyed Bamboo Socks.  My product line has expanded to include Cotton Batiks, Rayon Batik Scarves, Patterns,  Artists Paintstiks, Stencils, a variety of Art Quilting Supplies and Sewing Notions and more. And_Now_2014 That would be me showing how to use Paintstiks, Brushes and Stencils on Fabric.  After all it is my job to tempt you!  I’m still at

Wildflower Pattern Samples

WildFlowersI do believe Spring is here.  My Lupine is blooming and I will have Fireweed later in the Summer.  But right now, I have two gorgeous patterns to show you.    Lupine_Sample

For Lupine I used primarily My Hand Dyed Fabrics.  Light, Medium, and Dark Purple for the flower.  Light, Medium, Dark Green Hand Dyed and a Dark Green Hand Marbled for the Foliage.  Straw color Batiks for the grasses.  Scraps of White and Teal Radiance Silk/Cotton for the Dragonfly.  Light Blue Patina for the background and Dark Blue Batik for the Boarders.  Stay tuned for the quilting.

Fireweed_SampleFor Fireweed  The Background and Foliage is much the same, Light, Medium, Dark Green Hand Dyed Fabric and a Dark Green Hand Marbled for the Foliage.  Straw color Batiks for the grasses.  Light Blue Patina for the background and Dark Blue Batik for the Boarders.  The Fireweed Flower is done using my hand Dyed Pink and Radiance Silk/Cotton in White and Berry.    And stay tuned for the quilting.

I can’t wait to start quilting.  I found a new lighter weight fusible web in the middle of making samples for Lupine and Fireweed.  I really love it.  Quilting will be the final test.  And Yes, I have it on order and will let you know when it arrives.

Everything uesed to make these wallhangings can be purchased at my website