Dragonfly & Ginkgo Leaf Jacket

Dragonfly_FrontThe Dragonfly and Ginkgo Leaf Jacket is one of the first pieces of clothing I made using paintstiks and stencils.  It was the most nerve racking by far.  I had just enough Hand Dyed Fabric to make the jacket, any mistakes could have been fatal.
Dragonfly_BackThe dragonflies are all done using Iridescent Silver, with a few having Iridescent Dark Blue bodies.
The Ginkgo leaves were more of a challenge.  Matte Beige was used as a primer, followed by Matte Sap Green and Meadow Green.  I used Iridescent Gold for a light wash over to top to add just a little sparkle.

Swamp – a work in progress

SwampSwamp is fabric I created.  First it was Snow Dyed then I chose to Over Dye it.  I gave it the name Swamp, for the dark mystery, the feel of vegetation and light.  I’m beginning to see trees grow and take shape.  It has been hanging in my studio for about a month.  The idea is brewing in my head.  I hope to show you the progress as I work on it.  I need some thread and perhaps some hand dyed organza.  Wish me luck.

What to do with Snow Dyed Fabric?

” Your fabrics are so beautiful, I just cannot cut it.”  I hear that frequently.  Here is an idea using my Snow Dyed fabric, that just might appeal to you.  This wall hanging is based on the Pavers pattern.  Instead using a variety of fabrics, we chose to use one gorgeous Snow Dyed Fabric and a rich Hand Dyed Fabric.  I say we because, I received an email form my sister Karen that said, “Do you need any samples made?  I don’t currently have a project.”  I picked out the fabric and turned her loose.  I got frequent email updates (she received an ipad for Christmas).  I just finished putting on the binding last night.  Playing_With_SnowI think I’m in Love!  Also check out the quilting.  All squares and rectangles.Close_UP

Tuscan Garden

Tuscan Garden is an original creation by Gladys Schulz.  Last year I remember talking with Gladys and Jan about Snow Dying and Ice Dying.  They were intrigued, fascinated, amazed, so much so that they tried it.  And they fell in love.  Something about a couple bolts of fabric.  Does that qualify as an addiction?

Gladys said that this Ice Dyed Piece reminded her of gardens that she had seen while in Tuscany.  She appliqued some large flowers in the foreground and added a bright border.  I can almost imagine walking into her Tuscan Garden.Tuscan_Garden

Over Dyes and More Snow Dyes

OverDye_Swamp OverDye_Midnight SnowDyed_Teal_Song_W SnowDyed_Purple_T_W SnowDyed_Nova_W SnowDyed_Breaking_Thru SnowDyed_Lavender_Fileds

So what happens when you get a snow dyed piece that just looks nasty ugly?  I get asked that quite often.  The first two pieces are my new Over Dyed pieces.  As the snow melts and runs into my drip trays, I put the ugly pieces in the runoff and create some very intrestin and unique Over dyed pieces.  Check them out on my web site www.marbled-arts.com  I have also included several of my new Snow Dyed pieces.  Wow do I love what I do are what?


Questions about Hand Dying Fabric

Recently I have been asked quite a number of questing about Hand Dyeing Fabric.  I thought I would give you a list of my favorite book and resources.  I do have several others that I use on occasion, but the list is of the ones with the post it notes and the dye hand prints, my go to books for Hand Dying Fabric.

Color by Design by Ann Johnston
Color by Accident by Ann Johnston
Fabric to Dye For by Frieda Anderson
Fabric Dyer’s Dictionary Linda Johansen
Dyes & Paints by Elin Noble

Web Sites with directions and supplies
Dharma Trading Co.  &  PRO Chemical & Dye

And when I get stumped here is where I go:
Paula Burch’s All About Hand Dyeing

Have fun, enjoy and experiment.