It’s That Time Again

Yes, it is snow dying time again.  We ended up with a couple of inches and that means it is time to snow dye.  I love watching the snow melt and the colors happen.  The above pile of snow received a rainbow of dye colors.

Greens, Blues, and Yellows, I think.  Once they start to melt it can be a challenge to figure out what colors I used.
Ever wondered how Over Dying happens?  I elevate my drip trays about 1 to 1 1/2 inches, using scrap lumber.  I should note that everything gets dye on it, so the scrap lumber now stays in my studio.  Melted snow changes and varies in color, surprises happen.
Fire – Red, Orange, and Yellows are ready for their rinse.
Earthtones ready for their rinse. Grass, twigs or gravel do not affect the color.
Snow Dyed Orange Rainbow
Over Dyed Kingdom Idd
Snow Dyed Purple Fan
You can see more Snow Dyed and Over Dyed pieces on my website.

Pile of Snow Dyed and Over Dyed Fabric

Been using all of that wonderful snow to dye fabric.  I have just over 200 pieces dyed, now the ironing begins.  It takes a while.  I watch DVD’s while ironing, stocked up at the library before all of the new snow arrived.  Hope to have new pieces on my website soon. 

Playing with Color Mixing

I am playing with color mixing. Ocean is the latest mix. Teal and Purple. Both colors are my own mix.  The color variation it produces is amazing.  I have some other ideas up my sleeve. Yes, you can find it on my website  I also have dyed some my Cotton Scarves.  I think I will have a hard time letting them go.ocean_darkocean

Experiment Continue!

StartIt all starts with PFD fabric, glass marbled, rubber bands and a good movie.

UndoAfter time in the dye buckets, a couple of rinses, the marbled and rubber bands must come out. My hands turn interesting colors, but wears off in a few days.

Navy_TopNavy Blue Rayon Top.

Green_Blue_Three_YardsOne Half of the three yard piece of Blue/Green.

Blue_Green_DetailDetail of Blue/Green

Violet_Turquoise_Three_YardsOne Half of the three yard piece of Violet/Turquoise.

Violet_Turquoise_DetailDetail Violet/Turquoise

Silk_ExperimentSilk Scarf. Silk is a bit of a challenge to work with.

Snow Dying Wonderland

Yes, we had snow for a month.  It started with beautiful fluffy powder.  Then it hung around and turned into ice, also referred to as Cascade Concrete.EvergreenWe even ended up with some beautiful Hoar Frost.
FrostI put all of that hard icy snow to good use.  You guested it, Snow Dying.
Snow_PileYep, my pile of yet to be ironed Snow Dyed Fabrics.  WOW!  I did create some beauties.  You can find them on my website.  I am still ironing and will be adding more to tempt you.

Synthrapol & Synthrapol Low Foam

I have been getting questions about Synthrapol & Synthrapol Low Foam.  Here is how I use it:

Synthrapol & Synthrapol Low Foam
Synthrapol is a liquid detergent used in pre-scouring fibers before dying and in washing out fibers reactive dyes after dying.  Synthrapol should only be used in top loading washing machines.  For Front Load washing machines you will need Synthrapol Low Foam only.

Here is the recipe for that I use for the PFD Fabric that I sell.  It is based on ½ teaspoon Soda Ash and ½ teaspoon Synthrapol per pound of fabric.  The amount will vary depending on the type and weight of the fabric.  Wash your fabric on the HOT cycle Minimum temperature of 140 Degree F (60 degree C).   I always pre-scour my fabric before dying.

Yards of Fabric Synthrapol Soda Ash
2 ½ to 3 ½ t. ½ t.
5 to 6 1 t. 1 t.
7.5 to 9 1 ½ t. 1 ½ t.
10 to 12 2 t. 2 t.
12.5 to 15 2 ½ t. 2 ½ t.
15 to 18 1 T. 1 T.
17.5 to 21 1 T. + ½ t. 1 T. + ½ t.
20 to 24 1 T + 1 t. 1 T. + 1t.

I never use over 2 Tablespoons of Synthrapol Low Foam in my Front Loading washing machine.

Final Wash
Based on ¼ t. of Synthrapol per Yard of my PFD fabric.  Wash your fabric on the HOT cycle Minimum temperature of 140 Degree F (60 degree C).

Yards of Fabric Synthrapol
1 Yard ¼ t.
2 Yards ½ t.
3 Yards ¾ t.
4 Yards 1 t.
5 Yards 1 ¼ t.
6 Yards 1 ½ t.
7 Yards 1 ¾ t.
8 Yards 2 t.
9 Yards 2 ¼ t.
10 Yards 2 ½ t.
11  Yards 2 ¾ t.
12 Yards 1 T.
13 Yards 1 T. + ¼ t.
14 Yards 1 T. + ½ t.
15 Yards 1 T +  ¾ t.
16 Yards 1T + 1 t.
17 Yards 1 T + 1 ¼ t.
18 Yards 1 T + 1 ½ t.
19 Yards 1 T + 1 ¾ t.
20 Yards 1 T + 2 t.
21 Yards 1 T + 2 ¼ t.
22 Yards 1 T + 2 ½ t.
23 Yards 1 T + 2 ¾ t.
24 Yards 2 T.

I never use over 2 Tablespoons of Synthrapol Low Foam in my Front Loading washing machine.