How I Use the Ultimate Marking Pencil

The Ultimate Marking Pencil is my favorite marking tool, repeatedly I get asked how to use it.  My most frequent use is for marking guidelines for machine quilting.  I would love to say I am able to have a piece and just quilt, but the reality is I need a rough outline.  (Photo 1 & 2 below)
1_Drawing_DesignPlease note that I do not sharpen to a fine point.  I hate to waste anything.

This outline is rough and never set in stone and is always changing and evolving as I quilt.  (Photo 3 below)

Once the Ultimate Marking Pencil is removed using a hot iron, no one know that I made changes along the way.  I love the Ultimate Marking Pencil for medium to darks, because it stays where I put it, doesn’t go away you apply heat and it stays gone.   (Photo 4 below)  You can find the Ultimate Marking Pencil  and Miracle Marker on my website.