Snow Dying with Silk

square_silk_scarfswirl_square_silk_scarfYes, I am still enamored with snow dying on fabric.  My most recent adventure lead  me to trying silk as the fabric.  I had a couple of silk scarves that had been around my studio for a while, I’m not sure what type of silk, but it snowed and I played.  I’m in love with the wonderful bright colors,  it just makes me smile.  Having something that brings a smile to you face can always make the world a happier place.  These two are currently for sale on my web site.

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Marbled Arts creates luscious Hand Marbled Fabrics and more. We love to create unique, handmade fabrics. We hand dye, hand marble, snow dye and stencil to name a few. Then we turn it into wonderful Quilts and Wearable Art. We located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

2 thoughts on “Snow Dying with Silk

  1. This is the second article on Snow Dyeing I have seen in the last week and the first time I have ever heard of it. It sounds like so much fun that yesterday when the snow flurries started I was immediately in the bathroom scrubbing my tub and MacGyvering a screening system with cake rakes. We don’t get a lot of snow in Seattle so I am thinking about going to my local fish market and asking for a few coolers of the shaved ice they use for displaying the fish. I’ll let you know how it works.

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