Pile of Snow Dyed Fabric

Pile_Snow_Dyed_FabricIt may feel like I dropped of of the edge of the earth, but I promise I didn’t.  I just got rundown by life in general.  It took a little time to dig myself out.  And then it SNOWED!  I started snow dying with the snow from my backyard.  Followed by discovering some wonderful piles of snow in the Kendall Elemantary School parking lot.  Everyday I rinse out the previous days fabric, start a new batch and take a trip down to the parking lot for more snow.  No time to iron these beauties yet.  When I first started snow dying fabric I could dye 12 yard per day.  I got really creative this season and can now dye 27 yards per day.  But that means more snow, more work and longer days.  I can’t wait to be able to show them to you.