Fabric Designs

Ancient Designs


a-rocks-or-stones 1)     Rocks or Stones – This is the oldest design known in existence.  It is made to imitate marble.  The paints are dropped onto the marbling base using brushes.  The trick is to get the last color to spread more and become the dominant color to look like the stone.



b-get-gel2)     Gel-Git – Gel-Git is Turkish for back-and-forth or to-and-fro.  This is the beginning of many patterns and is often thought of as the step in between.  It can be created using two different methods.  Marbled Arts fabrics are created using the old traditional method, it takes more time but it’s worth it.


c-cascade-or-nonpareil3)     Nonpareil or Cascade – You will find that some marblers distinguish between the nonpareil (narrow) and cascade (wide) by the width of the comb used.  Nonpareil is French for no parallel or unique and is another important design because many more designs are based upon it.  It is one of the ancient patterns often seen in bookbinding.



e-waved-icatus4)     Waved Icarus – This design is built from the three previous designs.  The foundation is built from Rocks or Stones, followed by vertical Gel-Git, you must plan ahead because the Nonpareil design must be horizontal, then wave down the length of the tray.




Marbled Arts Original Designs


f-switchback5)     Switchback – If you have been on a hiking trail that gains a fair amount of elevation chances you have been on a switchback.  Switchbacks help you gain elevation and still be able to enjoy your wilderness surroundings and it also helps prevent erosion.



g-freestyle6)     Freestyle – For much of her guiding career Suzi had very long straight hair.  When she was out in the wind her hair would get blown every-which-a-way creating Mother Nature’s own hairstyle.  Freestyle design has a long endless line that curls this way and that creating a very free organic design.


h-dragons-wings7)     Dragon Wings – Suzi created this pattern but had not come up with a name for it.  At its first public appearance the overwhelming response was some sort of wings.  Bird wings, peacock wings, fairy wings, dragonfly wings, angel wings.  The number on wing was by far Dragons Wings.