Versatile Vest

Versatile VestI used hand dye, hand marbled and Amish black fabric to make the short version of the Versatile Vest, by Dana Maria Design Co.  This was still in the early stages of wearable art for me, so it doesnt have any quilting or embellisment.

Jakarta Jacket

jakartaJakarta is one of my favorite patterns by Dana Marie Design Co.  It is comfortable to wear, doesn’t itch and has pockets.  What more could you ask for?  The front is  hand marbled and batiks fabrics (eight different fabrics in all) with hand dyed lavender bias strips separating the pieces.  I just realized that this photo has the old closure on the jacket.  It took several tries before I found the perfect one.

Sweatshirt Jacket

knss1Karen Nickelson used a sweatshirt as the base for this pieced and quilted jacket.   First she cut the sweatshirt apart, designed and pieced the outer layer, quilted the two layers together,  sewed the sweatshirt all back together and put a bound the edges.  Because it has that very friendly comfortable feel of a favorite sweatshirt she wears it a lot and get lots of compliments as well.

Sweatshirt Jacket

Why call it a sweatshirt jacket?  It is built on a sweatshirt.  I found a pattern called Kwik Sweatshirt Jacket.  It tells how to take the sweatshirt apart, attach the fabric and sew it all back together.  I used my own layout for the fabric design.  I found using Bias tape makers and making my own bias tape for in between the various fabrics really worked well.  Hand marbled fabric and other commercial prints were used.  It really became a huge experiment in machine quilting, different shapes and designs.  And because it is a sweatshirt on the inside I wear it all the time.

Forest Ferns

The Prima Jacket Pattern by Akasha is a very simple, easy to put together jacket.  It allows room to create and embellish.   This jacket began  with black fabric, ferns and an experiment in bleach discharge.  I chose the hand marbled fabric that complimented the discharged fabric.  Four different marbled designs of Chocolate  Brown, some scraps of hand dyed burnt orange and black for accent.  I constructed the fabric by attaching it to heavyweight flannel.  The ferns needed something to bring them out.  I found the solution by machine quilting the vein of the stems with gold thread.  All that was left was to cut out the pattern pieces and assembled the jacket.

Northwest Rain


This vest is also made using the Venetian Vest by Brensan Studios.  For this version I used sun printed fabric for the accent panel.  I added extra leaves using thread.  I also added some rain with some sparkly thread.  The side panels are hand dyed fabric and then machine quilted to give texture.

Red Planets

This vest is made from Venetian Vest by Brensan Studios.  It’s easy to make and comfortable to wear.  It is perfect for wearable art. The panels are great for piecing and embellishing.  I used three different hand marbled fat quarters in the pannels.  The black side pannels are embellished with red thread.