Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Pattern sample.

Harvest Moon is the latest Pattern Sample using Marbled Arts Fabric. Every creation starts with finding the right fabric. Hand Marbled Ochre in Dragonwing Design. Hand Dyed Light Gray, Hand Dyed Ochre in two shades and Hand Dyed Ocean Dark.

Finished Harvest Moon

Love the finished project. Ended up hand stitching in the stems using some old yarn that was in my stash. The light stitching was done using embroidery thread. Always enjoy adding texture.

Close Up

Close up of Harvest Moon, so you see the details.

Four Seasons Update

Many of you have seen Four Seasons either on my blog, FB page or in my booth.  It has taken me forever to figure how to quilt and finish it.  Thought I should update you on the progress.
Went with a vertical wall hanging Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
Is the Four Seasons finished?  I will let you know when I figure that out.

Wysong T-shirt Quilt Finally!

Several years ago my dear friend Mary asked for assistance with making a T-shirt quilt for her husband Jeff.  The majority of the T-shirts were from Alaska so Mary wanted to use my snow dyed fabric.  We spent the afternoon selecting several yard sized pieces that went well together.
Might I say at this point that Mary is not a quilter and had no idea what she was getting into.  We started by stabilizing the t-shirts and then arranging them for the quilt top.  As we lived four hours apart Mary found help in her area for assembling the quilt top.  She sent me a sample of the color for the drops and I created a custom hand dyed color for the quilt.
Mike & I just made a trip to Montana to visit Mary & Jeff.  While admiring the quilt I noticed that not all of the basting had been removed.  I thought that it was only appropriate that I finish the quilt Mary and I had started.  It turned out beautifully.

Inspired to Create!

Playing_With_SnowI have posted this wall-hanging before.  But just to recap many of you said you couldn’t cut you Snow Dyed Fabric.  I chose the fabric and my sister Karen put this together for me.  And many of you have fallen in love with the idea.  Recently I was delighted to see what was inspired by a yard of Snow Dyed Fabric and the Pavers pattern.

Snow_Dyed_QuiltKarin Rainer calls her creation, “Can’t Cut That Fabric”.  I think I’m in LOVE!  Now I have all sorts of new ideas rolling around in my head.  Just wait and see.

Scrappy Pavers

scrappy_pavers_fullScrappy Pavers is a wonderful way to use up scraps.  I had constructed an earlier version using five different Batiks as the main blocks of fabrics.  But I kept thinking, “I always have lots of scraps”.  I cut the twenty 10 inch blocks from twenty different fabrics.  I used a variety of dark, medium and lights in Hand Marbled, Batiks and a few fabrics from Bold Over Batiks with black Hand Dyed fabric.  I made the sashing a bit wider, as it seamed that your eye needed a little more break with all of the amazing color.  I love this pattern as it is quick and easy  and you can find it on my website


Pavers in Blue & Purple

Pavers_Blue_PurplePavers is an easy 45″ x 56″ quilt.  Double the yardage for a Twin and triple for a Queen.  It is best to use a minimum of five different fabrics for the blocks.  But I think ten fabrics would look great.  Or even a scrappy one would be fun and us up all those scraps that seem to pile up.  But currently I’m into a Blue/Purple phase.  The next step is to get some kits put together for my website.

Summer Fun, No Shoes!

Summer Fun,No Shoes! No Shoes!, is a piece by Karen Nickelson.  She found the pattern while in Hawaii on vacation.  Flip Flops are always out when the sun is out.  I hate wearing socks, my toes want to breath.  This is the fun kind of Flip Flops that I want to wear, bring on Summer.  Oops, it’s only January.