Guardian Spirits by Joy Hegglund

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my hand marbled fabrics turned into wonderful, brilliant, amazing creations.  A couple of Summers ago I received a this photo from Joy Hegglund.  She had taken the photo on Hornby Island, BC, Canada.  Joy was excited to be taking a class from Kathy McNeil and she would be using this photo.  Kathy was kind enough to recommend my hand marbled fabrics to her students.  Joy wanted a range of grays dark to light and a selection of blacks.  I started experimenting with a gradation of grays, dying them and then marbling.  Joy had planned ahead, so I was able to get her hand marbled fabrics to her in plenty of time class her class.

Earlier this week another photo arrived of the completed quilt, Guardian Spirits.  Congratulations are in order as Guardian Spirits has been accepted into International Quilt Festival, Houston 2015.

It takes my breath away.  I love seeing the original photo and then Joy’s creation.  Is it just me are do I see faces in some of the rocks?
Guardian_Spirits_EXOK, I had to show off my hand marbled fabric.  I am in the middle of adding new color and updating existing colors to my web site.  Take a look!


Diamond String Quilt Revisited

Mariana Foliart was in my booth at Quilt Fest in October 2104.  She was admiring my hand marbled fabrics and all of a sudden she looked at me and said something to the effect of “I’ve got it, I know just what to do”.  I asked “Got what?”  She said, “You will see”.

In May 2015 during a wonderful visit to the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum with my sister, we found Diamond String Quilt.  The original (on left) was created in 1890 it’s maker is unknown.  Marianna was so taken with she decided to make and updated version.  The original quilt was made using silk, due to age and the chemical processes use on silk during the period (1880 – 1890) the black silk varies in color.  I was so excited to see that mariana had used my hand dyed marbled fabrics to create that vintage look.



A Job well done.

Sawtooth Mountains

Karen Nickelson made this wall-hanging after visiting the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho this Summer.  She worked from a couple of photos.Sawtooth_MountainsI love the reflection in the lake and the clouds in the mountains.
Mountains_CloudsTake note of the dead snags in the foreground of this photo.
Sawtooth_Mountains_QuiltKaren opened almost every piece of snow dyed fabric I had.  We hung different candidates on the outside of my booth wall (had a corner).  We looked at the different pieces for three days.  This one was the winner.  Karen used Blue painters tape and Payne’s Gray Paintstik to create the silhouette of the trees and added a little thread work to give the trees texture.  I love the fact that she didn’t try to do an exact replica of the photo, but gave you the look and feel of the mountains, lake reflection, clouds and trees.

Percy the Pelican

Every quilt has a story and Percy is no exception.  Percival, Percy to friends and fans is the creation of Susan Zerbe.  Susan had an idea for a pelican quilt, but was having difficulties finding the right fabric for the pelicans under feathers.  She asked If I would be interested in creation a custom hand marbled color for her pelican.  About that same time I was invited to bring my Trunk Show to the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild.  Susan was gracious enough to open her home to me.  And, oh, by the way she collects pelicans.  I walked in to the most beautiful display of Pelicans, but I walked out knowing exactly just the color she needed.  Percy the Pelican is a true labor of love.Percy the Pelican     Close Up Percy the Pelican

Tuscan Garden

Tuscan Garden is an original creation by Gladys Schulz.  Last year I remember talking with Gladys and Jan about Snow Dying and Ice Dying.  They were intrigued, fascinated, amazed, so much so that they tried it.  And they fell in love.  Something about a couple bolts of fabric.  Does that qualify as an addiction?

Gladys said that this Ice Dyed Piece reminded her of gardens that she had seen while in Tuscany.  She appliqued some large flowers in the foreground and added a bright border.  I can almost imagine walking into her Tuscan Garden.Tuscan_Garden

Emily Meyer; a Self-Portrait

I saw Emily in August, she had photos of her portrait on her phone and it looked amazing.  She had used some of my snow dyed fabric and hand dyed pieces.  I saw her again in October, her portrait had been quilted and she was looking for fabric for borders and binding.  I can’t wait to see the final piece.

Emily created this incredible self-portrait during a class taught by Esterita Austin.   Take a look at Esterita’s web site, pretty amazing works by her and her students.

I feel like a proud parent!

I love making fabrics, doesn’t matter if it is Snow Dyed, Hand Marbled or Hand Dyed, it makes me HAPPY!  I just returned from the APWQ Quilt Show in Tacoma, WA and was thrilled to see several amazing quilts that included my Hand Made Fabrics.  Gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.  I only was able to take photos of two (happy to say I was just to busy to be away from my booth for longer).

Mom’s Missing Marbled  Colleen Wise and Arlene Wise.  I stole my mom’s unfinished blue/white quilt top and sdded the applique marbles.  It’s a privilege to collaborate with you, Mom!  I love you!  36″ x 36″

Dawn – Colleen  Wise  Night fades to cool grays and the planets vanish as dawn breaks in the Pacific Northwest.  68″ x 54″