Autumn aka Wild Copper

autumnb1One of the things that I enjoy most about hand marbling fabric is creating the color combinations.  Autumn or Wild Copper starts with the same hand dyed Copper that you will find on my web site.  But rather than marbling on it in the muted colors that you will see in my hand marbled Copper, I have added contrast.  Orange, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Green and Black to make it pop.  Why call it Autumn?  When I look out my back door that is the color of allthe the ferns, foliage and leaves.

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About Suzi

Marbled Arts creates luscious Hand Marbled Fabrics and more. We love to create unique, handmade fabrics. We hand dye, hand marble, snow dye and stencil to name a few. Then we turn it into wonderful Quilts and Wearable Art. We located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.