New Hand Marbled Design

scarlet_feathers_fullSummer is when I hand marble fabric for my Fall Shows.  I’m in my studio every day trying to come up with gorgeous new colors and designs to tempt you.  I have been fiddling with a couple of different designs.  Yes, fiddling, playing, tweaking until everything clicks into place and I know its right.  This is a new version of an old design called Feathers. I can already envision using it in different colors for a variety of things, feathers, borders, foliage, a feather boa, the list goes on and on.


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Marbled Arts creates luscious Hand Marbled Fabrics and more. We love to create unique, handmade fabrics. We hand dye, hand marble, snow dye and stencil to name a few. Then we turn it into wonderful Quilts and Wearable Art. We located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.