Maddison’s Quilt

maddison_full_sizeMy neice just recently had her first child.  This is a quilt Grandma made for Maddison.  As you can see much of the fabric is from me.  It all started with the cat fabrics,  some really bright cats in various jewel tones.  And it just grew from there.  Our family is of the notion that bright colors are for babies, no pastels allowed.  Bright orange, blue, lime green,  pink,  yellow, red, purple.   The back is Hand dyed lime green Flannel.  I love the quilting with the big outlines of cats.   It was fun to be able to help choose the fabric and now to see the final project completed.  Well the photos for now, the quilt and Maddison soon. maddison_cu1

1 thought on “Maddison’s Quilt

  1. i will have to send you pictures of baby Maddison on the quilt. granted she cant crawl yet, she does a darn good job of pushing herself across the floor. probably not good on her face, but she doesnt seem to mind.

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