Let it Snow!

snow_dyingNo, it has not snowed at my house just yet, but my husband is on Ski Patrol.  On Friday, he had his first duty day of the year and it snowed. 

 When went out for my walk on Saturday morning I discovered all of this wonderful snow in the back of the truck.  I scooped a bunch into one of our camping coolers and then started gathering all of the stuff I would need to dye fabric using snow.  I saw an article in a recent issue of Quilting Arts.  I had planned to hunt up a few items to make it easier to dye the fabric, but the snow arrived and I made it up as I went along. 

When I mixed the dye into the snow it looked so yummy I wanted to eat it, but dye is not to be ingested.  I started this particular adventure with two pieces of fabric and two different colors.  Waiting for the snow to melt was the hardest part.red_snow_dying

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Marbled Arts creates luscious Hand Marbled Fabrics and more. We love to create unique, handmade fabrics. We hand dye, hand marble, snow dye and stencil to name a few. Then we turn it into wonderful Quilts and Wearable Art. We located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

1 thought on “Let it Snow!

  1. Sooooo Coool!!!
    I love the fractures and fishers in the color. There is no way to reproduce what nature has given you in a snow field. Can’t wait to see more.

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