What to do with Snow Dyed Fabric?

” Your fabrics are so beautiful, I just cannot cut it.”  I hear that frequently.  Here is an idea using my Snow Dyed fabric, that just might appeal to you.  This wall hanging is based on the Pavers pattern.  Instead using a variety of fabrics, we chose to use one gorgeous Snow Dyed Fabric and a rich Hand Dyed Fabric.  I say we because, I received an email form my sister Karen that said, “Do you need any samples made?  I don’t currently have a project.”  I picked out the fabric and turned her loose.  I got frequent email updates (she received an ipad for Christmas).  I just finished putting on the binding last night.  Playing_With_SnowI think I’m in Love!  Also check out the quilting.  All squares and rectangles.Close_UP