Over Dyes and More Snow Dyes

OverDye_Swamp OverDye_Midnight SnowDyed_Teal_Song_W SnowDyed_Purple_T_W SnowDyed_Nova_W SnowDyed_Breaking_Thru SnowDyed_Lavender_Fileds

So what happens when you get a snow dyed piece that just looks nasty ugly?  I get asked that quite often.  The first two pieces are my new Over Dyed pieces.  As the snow melts and runs into my drip trays, I put the ugly pieces in the runoff and create some very intrestin and unique Over dyed pieces.  Check them out on my web site www.marbled-arts.com  I have also included several of my new Snow Dyed pieces.  Wow do I love what I do are what?