Last Day

In_the_TrayAbove is the last Marbled piece of the in the tray.  Not the last piece ever, but just for this marbling season.  I was just looking at the pile of Marbled Fabric and realized that I was shooting for creating 400 pieces and I will have over 500 new pieces for this fall.  500 Fat Quarters of Hand Marbled Fabric just felt like it should be marked as an occasion.  Below is twenty pieces of Hot Pink in a variety of my designs.



Chartreuse in the DragonWing Design

Chartreuse DragonWings DesignYes, our latest Feature Fabric is Chartreuse in the DragonWing Design.  I started with Chartreuse as the base color, followed along with Marbling in Red, Yellow, Cerulean, Green, Purple and White.  I most often use six colors to marbled with.  To many color don’t allow all of the color room to spread. Six color give me enough variety.  I am definitely in Summer mode, bright and vibrant colors are swirling in my head.