Orchid in Freestyle Design

Orchid all started out with a photo.  On occasion I am able to do custom work for clients.  It usually starts with an emailed photo.  Joy sent me this beautiful photo.
Joy's_FlowerWhat an amazing gradation of color!   She also sent me some color chips as a starting point.  I started experimenting with gradation color dying, followed by photos being sent back and forth.
Gradation of Colors Once the background color was just right, the tone on tone marbling began.  Joy made her final selection and I sent off the marbled fabrics. Final_Marbled_SelectionBut I loved the Orchid color so much I made my own version.  I started with a dark rich orchid background and marbled in a variety of colors.  This is also the first of my colors using a bit different technique that allows more of the background color to show through.