Drop In Anytime??? WN08

Owning part of an Airstrip gives a whole new meaning to the phrase.Ken and Mike dropped in for a quick visit after exploring the area by air.
Any plane landing couses a little excitement.  Ahh! boys and their Toys.
Flight check and the warm up.
Taxi and then take off.

I feel like a proud parent!

I love making fabrics, doesn’t matter if it is Snow Dyed, Hand Marbled or Hand Dyed, it makes me HAPPY!  I just returned from the APWQ Quilt Show in Tacoma, WA and was thrilled to see several amazing quilts that included my Hand Made Fabrics.  Gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.  I only was able to take photos of two (happy to say I was just to busy to be away from my booth for longer).

Mom’s Missing Marbled  Colleen Wise and Arlene Wise.  I stole my mom’s unfinished blue/white quilt top and sdded the applique marbles.  It’s a privilege to collaborate with you, Mom!  I love you!  36″ x 36″

Dawn – Colleen  Wise  Night fades to cool grays and the planets vanish as dawn breaks in the Pacific Northwest.  68″ x 54″