Lupine Once Again

Each year about this time my Lupine is in bloom.  I love the fact that if requires no care and continues to expand.  I have visions of it covering our entire berm.  It smells great, makes bees happy, looks wonderful and makes me happy. 

Love Your Mother by Cornelia Gauger

“Love Your Mother” is a wonderful creation by Cornelia Gauger.  It is 12″ x 12″ quilt and shows the Mother Goddess “hanging out” with Mother Earth and watching over all of us.  I love the fact that “Love Your Mother” is simple but says a lot.  The fabric choices make it dynamic.  The background is hand dyed fabric, the earth is Hand Marbled Fabric and the Goddess is Fairy Frost and adds just a little sparkle.


Dancing Cranes by Kathy McNeil

I like to provide inspiration for you.  I continue to hear that you can’t bare to cut my Hand Marbled fabric.  Here is a wonderful idea by Kathy McNeil.  Silk and Sashiko  These endangered cranes have a beautiful mating dance.

Take a closer look at the Cranes neck and the wing tips.   The Black Hand Marbled Fabric adds depth, motion and texture.  Kathy has a pattern for Dancing Cranes.

Questions about Hand Dying Fabric

Recently I have been asked quite a number of questing about Hand Dyeing Fabric.  I thought I would give you a list of my favorite book and resources.  I do have several others that I use on occasion, but the list is of the ones with the post it notes and the dye hand prints, my go to books for Hand Dying Fabric.

Color by Design by Ann Johnston
Color by Accident by Ann Johnston
Fabric to Dye For by Frieda Anderson
Fabric Dyer’s Dictionary Linda Johansen
Dyes & Paints by Elin Noble

Web Sites with directions and supplies
Dharma Trading Co.  &  PRO Chemical & Dye

And when I get stumped here is where I go:
Paula Burch’s All About Hand Dyeing

Have fun, enjoy and experiment.