Melon in the Freestyle Design

It is snowing today and I have been viewing photos from friends that live in Hawaii.  Yes, I have sunny warm skies and sandy beaches on my mind.  I keep think about sundresses, flip-flops, warm breezes and birds singing.  Therefore, my current Featured Fabric is Melon in the Freestyle Design, it’s light, fresh and sunny.  Could some bring me one of those drinks with a little umbrella in it?

How to use Paintstiks on Fabric

Marbled Arts presents:
Fun with Paintstiks & Stencil on Fabric
Basic Supplies – Fabric            Paintstiks
Painters Tape                              Brushes (Paintstik & Stencil)
Freezer Paper                              Stencils
Parchment Paper                       Cleaners -Cirta-Solv, Murphy Oil Soap or Brush Soap
Paper Towels                              Sharp Knife
Handy Wipes

Misc. Supplies – Not necessary, but sure make life more fun.
Grip-N-Grip                            Permanently Repositionable Spray
Old Towel

  • Preparation
    Pre-wash fabric using non-detergent soap (Synthrapol)
    Cover work area
    Wear old clothes

Remove skin from the end of Paintstik using a sharp knife or Potato Peeler
Rub Paintstik onto palette surface (Parchment Paper)
Load paint onto Brush
Apply paint color using gentle circular motion or dabbing motion.

  • Stencils
    Simple Stencils – Painters Tape, Freezer paper
    Per-Cut Stencils – Use the entire stencil or mask off just part of the stencil
  • Different Looks
    Single Colors
    Multiple Colors – Start with lightest color first
    Solid, Transparent or Color Wash
  • Primers – Titanium White and Beige
  • Clean Up – Brush as much excess paint onto a paper towel.  Dip in your cleaner.  Work Paint out with a paper towel.  Repeat until brush is clean.  Then wash brushes by hand with soap and cool water.
  • Heat Setting –

Allow the painted fabric to dry for 3-5 days, and then heat-set to make the colors permanent.  Set your iron to the proper setting for the fabric. Place a piece Parchment Paper on your ironing surface, put the fabric paint-side down on the parchment Paper and press.  When you think you have heat-set long enough, do it some more.  You cannot over heat-set, but to under heat-set is really bad.

Remember to Breath

Just remember to breath.  That is my current motto.  I have been busy snow dying and hand marbling fabric.  I love what I do and create.  But means I can’t do other things and I start feeling guilty.  Do you ever feel like that?

My mind keeps saying “I want to create”, but it really means “I want to create something with all of those wonderful fabrics”.  If we could only have a 26 hour day.