Blue/Green in the Waved Icarus Design

waved_icaras_bluegreenOur current Featured Fabric is Blue/Green in the Waved Icarus Design.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and Blue and Green are a big part of my everyday life.  Even in the middle of Winter we have evergreen trees and an occasional blue sky.  We also have an abundance of water; ocean, rivers, lakes and streams with trees right down to the waters edge.  Uncle Herb always refereed to our corner of the world as “God’s country” because of its beauty.

Snow, Snow and More Snow Dyes

bejeweledred_snaketeals_volcanoJust a small sample of the new snow dyes for the season.  I must admit that I’m in love with more than a few of my snow dyed fabrics.  And I am happy to announce that I am working on a tutorial on how I do snow dying.   You can find lots of information on Snow Dying and each is a little different technique.  I have the photos done, next is writing the text and posting.  Stay tuned for more fun!

PS.  Bejeweled has been sold.