Kimono Leaves


This is how it all started.  I had been wanting to create the long version of the Kimono Jacket, after all it has pockets and is easy to wear.  This button from JJ Handworks was my inspiration.  I also wanted to use some to the pieces that I had created using paintstiks on hand dyed fabric combined with hand marbled fabric and a beautiful batik.

kimono_leaves_back I wanted to experiment with different styles of fill in Free Motion Machine Quilting and thread.  So each section is a bit different design and thread.  I have fallen in love with Wonderfil Thread.  This was a wonderful way to get to know some of their different threads and I had a great time playing with thread.

kimono_leaves_frontI will confess that the Left side (the black with all the falling leaves) is not the original panel.  I did one using thread and I was just not happy with the way it turn out.  By that time I no longer had any more of the original batik.  I know me and if I don’t love my wearable pieces I won’t wear them.  So the jacket was on hold until inspiration hit.

I’m part of a Art Quilt group and one day we were playing with paintstiks and this idea just sort of fell together and Im so happy with the way Kimono Leaves turned out.  It was worth all of the time and energy.


Iron Away marking Pens

I thought you might like a little more information on the new marking pens that go away using a hot iron.  Yes, I carry all of the colors that they make.  I find that they work really well on light to medium dark fabrics.  They do not work well on Black and really dark colors.  But then I still have some of my old Chubby Crayon that work beautify on black.  Yes, the really do disappear when you use a hot iron

A couple things to note.  If you fabric Freezes the lines will come back.  I had read that so I threw my sample in the freezer and wow, lines everywhere.  Several of you have looked at me like I’m nuts and said “I’m not going to put my fabric in the freeze.”  But what if you ship a quilt or garment in the dead of winter?  Or your quilt becomes a Car Quilt?  I did wash the sample and then put it in the freezer and no lines appeared.

The other thing of note is that HEAT makes the pens  go away.  If you have your marking pens in say a HOT vehicle and now it no longer works.  Put it in the Freezer for about 10 minutes and it will come back to life.

I like to know how a product works before I sell it.  I have a couple more experiments that I want to try and I will keep you posted.