Fire in the Waved Icarus Design

My newest Featured Fabric is Fire in the Waved Icarus Design.  This color has been with me from the beginning in one form or another.  It started out as Wild Fire.  Then I started learning more about hand dying and experimenting with  different dye color combinations until I found this combination.  I have been up close and personal with a couple of wildfires while I was guiding Alaska.  The flames have such a variety of color and it took a while to figure it out.  Fire is one of my best selling colors year round,   struggle to keep up with the demand.  I think that I finally got caught up and decided to celebrate by making Fire the current featured fabric. fire_waved_icarus

Batik Diamond


Batik Diamonds is my most current pattern sample.  This top takes 14 Fat Quarters, 7 dark and 7 light.  I worked on it two afternoons to finish piecing.  It will be traveling with me, then it will get quilted.pumpkin_wings_batik_lg  It all started with the Pumpkin Wings Batik, a multi colored batik.  I then went thru my fabrics and pulled out some that had one or more of the many colors in it.  I wanted bright, happy, sunny colors and yes it makes me smile.

Gradiation of Color, Dark to Light

dark_to_lightFinally!  I was able to take photos of these fabrics.  They are beautiful Gradations of color Dark to Light.  Many of you have asked and I was able to add them to my website.  As you can see I had to go outside to have enough room to take the photos.  And then I had to wait for a day without snow, rain or sun.  Overcast works best to show the real colors.