Gelatin Mono Printing

A couple of friends and I have been getting together once a month to try some of those ideas we have draming about.  Gelatin Mono Printing was this month and it is a ton of fun.  We got the idea from Quilting Arts 2009 issue, page 14.

Directions for mixing Gelatin
1) I took two boxes of Knox gelatin, I used all 8 packets of gelatin and 4 cups of water.
2) Measure cold water into large saucepan.
3)Add gelatin and allow it to soften in the cold water.  I stirred it with a wire whisk and then let it sit 10 minutes.
4) Heat water & gelatin until just boiling.  Stir regularly.  DO NOT let it boil or it will scorch.
5) Remove from heat and stir until dissolved.
6) Pour into pan and refrigerate.

I used a 10″ glass pie pan.  And got a 3/4″ to 1 inch thick Gelatin Plate.  We experiminted with different type of paints and dyes.  We had all sorts of things to add textures and to use as resists.  Here are a few of our treasures:single_orangetriple_playplay_timesingle_black

The first photo is silver and blue printed on my hand dyed color Fire, textured and yarn for resists.  The second photos or a series using a patina batik with different textures and resists.  Third is a bunch of goodies hanging in my studio, we played there because I already have paint on the floor walls and ceiling.  Last photo is a variety of colors printed on black.  we have to chose one and do something with it before next time.