Labor Day Weekend BBQ

Every couple of years my husband and I throw a BBQ.  It’s pretty kicked back,  BBQ some hot dogs, corn on the cob, everyone brings something.  We throw horseshoes, play with dogs (real ones) and laugh a whole lot.  Folks just drop in when they can.  Well a few guys took the meaning of Just Drop in to a whole new level.wn08_wwii_spotter

We live on a small grass airstrip and had four planes and five pilots drop in.  I’m told that Pilots will fly just about anywhere if food is involved.  They just added to the fun and festivities.                           

This is a 1946 WWII Italian Spotter Plane.  And a few photos of the fun.


wn08_start_upStart up.                          





Into the Sunset!  wn08_into_the_sunsetAnd a look down the airstrip.wn08_wwii_takeoff