Light Blue & Green in the Switchback Design

Light Blue & GreenIt is always so much fun to experiment, play with and create new colors.  This is Light Blue & Green in the Switchback design.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we are having a rather damp, cool summer so far.  I was once told that summer doesn’t really start until the 5th of July, I do hope it is on the way.  This Light Blue & Green is what I see out my window.  a hint of blue sky with fresh green of the trees and grass.  I love walking in the wood after a rain.

Finding the Right River Rocks











I find myself creating a fair amount of  landscapes, so I am in search of the perfect hand marbled color for river rocks.  The first one is Grey in the Freestyle design and the second is Pelican in the Freestyle design as well.  Pelican has a bit more Brown in it and the Grey has a bit more Gray/Blue.  I took a look at my river rock collection from my years guiding on the Kenai River in Alaska and figured out that I need a selection.