More Info on Rusty Fabric

I received this email several days ago and thought it might be of interest to others.



I am the metal smith,  I just wanted to let you know:   (you might already know this, if so, disregard this message!) iron in fabric, will eventually rust away eating the fabric as well.  The iron continues to rust even though it seems to have “set”.  I am involved in living history, and have seen old fabrics that had been dyed with fabric dye that had iron as a component of the dyestuff.  The fabrics look as though they had been cut along the lines that were printed with the iron rich dye…

I do not usually barge in on someone, or on blogs, etc, but with all that you have going, you might not have run across the rust “results”.  What you are doing is wonderful, and I love your experiments…the snow printing, etc…is like the kinds of stuff we do here too…kindred spirits abound, even when we do not know it.  I home school my daughter, and we are always finding things out, and trying them!

Keep up the beautiful work!

Dawn Hoffmann

I am aware that Rust printed fabrics will continues to rust at a very, very very slow rate even after they have been “set”.  I figure that it is a choice, artistic v. lasting longer. As we have seen with antique, Cotton will not last forever, but if care is taken it will last a very long time. 

I was not aware that older dyes used iron components, but is does make sense a dyes were originally made from natural ingredients one of those being minerals.


Spring Flowers

2010_lupineSeveral years ago I received some wild flower seeds in the mail from a gentleman I had met at a quilt show.  I planted them and waited.  The only ones that have continued to thrive are the Lupine which happen to be one of my favorite flowers.  So I am happy to report that they have now begun expanding and spreading.  That is a good thing in my eyes.  I have an entire section of the yard that is just for wild flowers, birds and bees.  2005_lupine

Something in Cerulean Blue

little_something_blue_backlittle_something_blue_front1My latest creation was really just for fun, well and possibly to wear to a fancy wedding later in the Summer.  I hand dyed some  PFD Jacquard a beautiful Cerulean Blue.  The panel on the back is a piece from an antique kimono that I found in my wanderings.  I outlined it with a Lilac Patina batik.  I used a 1/2″ bias tape maker to make the outline strips.  It is all very simple but elegant and suits me just fine. 

And Yes,  you can find  A little Somethin’  the pattern, the PFD Rose Damask Jacquard  and the batik all on my website