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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

More Info on Rusty Fabric

I received this email several days ago and thought it might be of interest to others.   Hello, I am the metal smith,  I just wanted to let you know:   (you might already know this, if so, disregard this message!) iron in fabric, will eventually rust away eating the fabric as well.  The iron […]

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Spring Flowers

Several years ago I received some wild flower seeds in the mail from a gentleman I had met at a quilt show.  I planted them and waited.  The only ones that have continued to thrive are the Lupine which happen to be one of my favorite flowers.  So I am happy to report that they […]

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My latest creation was really just for fun, well and possibly to wear to a fancy wedding later in the Summer.  I hand dyed some  PFD Jacquard a beautiful Cerulean Blue.  The panel on the back is a piece from an antique kimono that I found in my wanderings.  I outlined it with a Lilac Patina batik.  I […]

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