Final Snow Dyed Fabric for the Season


Here are a couple of my most recent Snow Dyed fabric pieces.  Violet Ice on the left and one of the Maroon Pastels on the right.  These are two of my favorites,  I love to dramatic colors and the ice fractures that add texture to the fabric design.  I still have a few For Sale on my Marbled Arts web site  Take a peek, they are going fast and they are the last until the snow flies next winter.

Pop-Up Warehouse

welcome_to_my_warehouseWelcome to my warehouse.  I was finding that my studio was so packed with wonderful things to tempt you that I did not have space to work.  I was becoming afraid of being crushed in an avalanche.  So my husband and I have been trying to come up with a way to easily increase my storage space.  My nephew found me a used Job Sit Trailer.  One of those mobile offices that you would find at construction sites.  This one was a reasonable price, with some elbow grease,a few repairs and some dirt work it is moved in and usable.  My husband calls it either my shack or my Hobbit Hole,  I think of it as my Pop-Up Warehouse.  I am still getting everything situated inside, but it sure made life easier during my Spring Dash of Quilt Shows.  I finally had all my inventory in one place and could restock quickly and easily before dashing off to the next wonderful quilt show.

Here we are moving the warehouse into its new home.