Pavers in Blue & Purple

Pavers_Blue_PurplePavers is an easy 45″ x 56″ quilt.  Double the yardage for a Twin and triple for a Queen.  It is best to use a minimum of five different fabrics for the blocks.  But I think ten fabrics would look great.  Or even a scrappy one would be fun and us up all those scraps that seem to pile up.  But currently I’m into a Blue/Purple phase.  The next step is to get some kits put together for my website.

Summer Fun, No Shoes!

Summer Fun,No Shoes! No Shoes!, is a piece by Karen Nickelson.  She found the pattern while in Hawaii on vacation.  Flip Flops are always out when the sun is out.  I hate wearing socks, my toes want to breath.  This is the fun kind of Flip Flops that I want to wear, bring on Summer.  Oops, it’s only January.

My Favorite Snow Dyed Yard

navy_scarlet_full_sizenavy_scarlet_cuThis is my favorite piece of snow dyed fabric so far.  I have been having a ton of fun trying new things and experimenting.  With snow dying you just never know what will happen.  Different dye colors attach at different rates, some come out bold and others more subtle.  And it all depends on the rate that the snow melts at and how fast the fabric arrives at the setting temperature.  The photo at the top is the entire yard piece.  The one on the bottom is a close up, that shows the fractures the snow produces.  And yes, I now have some of my snow dyed pieces on my web site Marbled Arts for sale.   Go to Hand Made fabric and then Snow dyed.  Or type snow dyed into the search box.

More Fun with Rusty Bits

Rusty Bits FabricHere we are once again.  My rust printed fabric is a hit.  I started using it in my quilt samples, because it has a very organic feel to it.  That lead to selling it in my booth at quilt shows.  And now, finally, I have it on my website.  Check it out at Marbled Arts.  Look in Hand Made Fabric.  I am selling it in Fat Quarter, Fat Halves and Yard pieces.  I also here that I will be getting some broken transmission parts soon.  It seams that they have been in a swamp for a long time and have lots of gunk and oil on them.  A little to much for even me.  But I cant wait to see what appears on my doorstep.