Success with Snow Dying.

purple_snow_dyeThis is the final product from one of my first snow dying experiments.  I love how it came out, the fabric appears to have texture and depth.  You can see where the ice crystals formed as the snow melted.  And of course I now have tons of ideas to try out, different colors, a mix of colors, different amounts of snow and dye.  The combinations are endless.snow_dye_purple1

Let it Snow!

snow_dyingNo, it has not snowed at my house just yet, but my husband is on Ski Patrol.  On Friday, he had his first duty day of the year and it snowed. 

 When went out for my walk on Saturday morning I discovered all of this wonderful snow in the back of the truck.  I scooped a bunch into one of our camping coolers and then started gathering all of the stuff I would need to dye fabric using snow.  I saw an article in a recent issue of Quilting Arts.  I had planned to hunt up a few items to make it easier to dye the fabric, but the snow arrived and I made it up as I went along. 

When I mixed the dye into the snow it looked so yummy I wanted to eat it, but dye is not to be ingested.  I started this particular adventure with two pieces of fabric and two different colors.  Waiting for the snow to melt was the hardest part.red_snow_dying

Paintstik Project In the Works.

paintstik_leavesI am in the middle of getting all the pieces made for a quilted wearable art jacket.  This is one of the panels that I made using Shiva Paintstiks.  I used two colors of matte green and iridescent copper.  I like using the matte and the iridescent colors together.  The iridescent give it a bit of sparkle and shine but isn’t overpowering for my tastes.  I  believe that Wearable Art is far beyond  just clothing,  that it is Art that is meant to worn.  Creation takes time and energy.  I’ll let you know when my jacket is in it’s final state.