Little Monsters in the Waved Icarus Design


Normally I have a featured fabric for a while longer, but you purchased the last on so fast I had to come up with a new one.  Our current Featured Fabric is Little Monsters in the Waved Icarus Design.  Little Monsters has a bit of a saga to go with it.  I had this bolt of fabric that was a solid Light Pale Turquoise.  It wasn’t working for what I had purchased it for; I couldn’t seam to be able to give it away.  So one day I dumped some extra Yellow dye on it see what would happen.  This amazing Lime Green appeared.  I marbled it and it sold like hot cakes, out the door in no time at all.  Then I had to figure out the correct dye combination for the Lime Green.  It took a few tries, but now their back.  Why Little Monsters you ask?  Think of kids’ fabric, if it has monsters, what color are they?