Red/Red in the Dragon Wing Design


My current Featured Fabric is Red/Red Hand Marbled in the Dragon Wing Design.  It is the first piece of fabric I scanned with my new scanner.  Yippee!  It worked.  The old one up and died, so we hauled it off to the recycle store to see if they could salvage some parts off of it.  But back to the story behind the fabric name.  Red/Red because I think of Firetrucks and old Barns.

My sister had to beg me to create some hand marbled fabric in any shade of Red.  When we were kid as she is the older sister she always got to pick out clothes she liked and then I would wear then when she out grew them.  And she Loves Red, always has and always will.   So it seamed the only color of clothes I wore was Red, I guess you could say it made me see Red.  So I fixed that and out grew her by at lease 5 inches.  And I am happy to say that now that I am not forced to wear Red I quite like it.

The Women’s Tool Bag or MBBB

blue_bento_fullFinally!  I have had this pattern for a few months.  If you have read previous posts you will know that my friend Sylvia appeared with this bag an her arm and insisted I needed the pattern.  And she was right.  My husband calls it “the Women’s tool bag”, as he has a tool bag in his truck that at first glance looks a lot like my little blue bag.   I call it MBBB or My Blue Bento Baggu.  And as always I did a few things a bit different to suit my needs.  I used a Fat Quarter of Hand Marbled Storm Blue in the Waved Icarus Design.  I quilted the outside fabric to the felt lining instead of using fusible web, I like the look better.  I used my own hand made cord to tie the ends together to personalize it a bit more.blue_bento_end And Yes, it is easy to make.  So many ideas, patchwork, fancy buttons, beads, black fabric with metallic thread, the list goes on and on.


Windows to Sew By

windows_to_sew_by_fullIt is always rewarding to arrive at a quilt show and see my hand marbled fabric used in someones creation.  Window to Sew By was created by Darlene McCourt and here is what she has to say.  “I have been collecting marbleized fabrics for years and finally decided on a project.  A window valance for my sewing studio.  The Cathedral Windows is a great take along project that I worked on while on many airplane flights to visit my parents in Florida and Ohio.  I can’t wait to put it up!windows_to_sew_by_cu” 

The long narrow photo is of the entire valance.  The square photo is a close up.