HummingbirdsThis piece I have a little of a Love/Hate feeling about.  I love how it turned out, but it took a few false starts to get it to where I was happy with it.  I Love the color combinations,  I wanted it to be bright, sunny, happy,  summer feel to it.  I used mostly hand marbled fabric for the hummingbirds, hand dyed and batiks for the background.  I tried several white fabrics for the white flowers.  Finally decided to use a white ultra suede.  At first I stitched on it with white thread and really reminded me of an exploded marshmallow.  Think of the original Ghostbusters movie and the big marshmallow guy that get blown up at the end.  Not really the look I was going for.  I Then re-stitched using a black variegated thread and added some embroidered flower centers and that took me to where I wanted to go.  It just makes me happe to look at it.  And yes I sell the pattern on my website.  Come visit!

Answer to Questions?

Q: Do you sell your Hand Marbled Fabric by the yard?  I make the majority for the fabric in Fat Quarters 18″ x 22″  With a few pieces in Fat Half sizes 22″ x 36″.  Each piece of fabric must be gently lowered onto the marbling base in one fluid motion.  The larger the piece of fabric the more chance of things going really wrong.  The higher the rate of spoilage the higher the price.

Q: How can I learn to hand marble on fabric?  I learned to hand marbled on fabric from a book.  I found “Creative Marbling on Fabric” by Judy Simmions while at a Quilt Show in Alaska.  In my opinion this is the best book for learning to marbled on fabric, as that is the main focus of the book.  Greatfor beginners.   Good resources for supplies are Dharma Trading and Pro Chemical.

Q: Do I teach hand marbling on fabric?   On rare occasion.  I am happy to say the making hand marbled fabric, keeping up with my web site, blog and shows have been keeping me very busy.  Freeing up enough time to teach is getting harder and harder, but I do teach ocasionally for groups.  Their is an online Marbling Yahoo Chat group they you may want to check with to see if you can find someone teaching in your area.


hollyhocksFinally a new post!  I had gotten bogged down with life.  Another of the small pieces that is really wonderful for using scraps.  I used hand marbled and hand dyed fabric for the flowers and leaves.   I’m still enamored with my rust printed fabric used for the fence.hollyhocks_closeup I used french knots made with embroidery thread for the flower centers.  Just a sweet little piece that is easy raw edge applique.