Modern Poet

Modern PoetModern Poet SideviewThe Modern Poet is a pattern by Dana Marie Design Co.  It has several different collar and cuff variations, you can make it to suit your mood.  I used Hand Marbled Chocolate brown fabric to the cuffs and collar and a very mottled hand dyed Chocolate Brown for the body.   Brown is a mix of color, because I didn’t agitate the fabric much,  it did something thing crazy.  But I liked the effect and decided to use it for the garment anyway.

Haunted Tree

haunted-treeHaunted tree is made from the pattern The Dancing Tree.  The pattern directions call for the use of fusible web, but I thought that I would use a little black thread to add texture.  The next thing I knew I had add texture to the entire tree.  Then the leaves appeared and the trunk need a bit of color to make it more 3D.  My husband wandered into my studio and said “Haunted trees always have a knot hole.”

Below is a close up of the tree trunk.


Turquoise Firebird Silk Scarf

firebirdYet another Silk Scarf.  This one started with dying the scarf Turquoise and then stenciling the multi color Firebird and surrounding it with Green Ginkgo leaves with a hint of Gold .  That’s when I discovered that the 1/4″ brushes really come in handy to get color in all of the little openings.  I wanted to use multiple colors for the Firebird and the 1/4″ brush made it possible with out me going nuts.

Red Bamboo Silk Scarf

redbambooIt is always fun to create new things.  This is one of my new silk scarves.  I dyed the silk Red and then used a couple of different stencils to create the Bamboo design.  The paintstik brushes were used to apply the opaque Turquoise color  and stencil brush to add the hint of sparkle with Gold.