Help! I need a name.


Here it is,  my newest Hand Marbled Color Creation.  It’s so new I  just gave it it’s final wash, dry and iron earlier today.  So new I’m not even sure what to call it.  The funny thing about naming colors is sometimes the name pops into my head.  Other times I’m just not sure where to go.  Why do I give them names?  When I’m at quilt shows many times someone will say “If I contact you and what you to send me one of these, what do I ask for?”  Then I can tell them the color name and the marbling design, so I will get it right.

Green Beans Anyone?

Contemporary Classic












This pattern is made from Dana Marie Design Co. pattern Contemporary Classics and it really does not look at all like the pattern photo.  I had a vision and it turned out even better than I had dreamed.  I used hand marbled fabric for the front and back panels.  The rest of the jacket is hand dyed fabric.  The entire jacket is quilted and took hour to complete.  But the jacket itself is really easy to put together.  It’s easy and comfortable to wear.

Fly Away Butterfly

Fly Away Butterfly Fly Away Butterflyis made from the pattern Urania Ripheus. I used mostly Hand Marbled fabric to add an organic feel and motion to the butterfly.  It’s one of those pieces that doesn’t quite feel finished, but I’m just not sure where to go with it.

The one thing I really am very pleased with is the butterfly body.  I started by using an invisible thread in smoke to follow the line of the marbled fabric to give texture to the body.  And followed up with a Brown/Smoke variegated thread to add the hair.
Hairy Butterfly Body

Sylvia’s Bento Baggu

Sylvia's bento-bagguSylvia Hermanson arrived at one of my Spring show with this wonderful handbag on her arm.   “You have to get this pattern for your fabric” she says. ” This purse takes just one of your fat quarters(for the outside).  I get more compliments on this bag than any I have ever made and I know it is your fabric!  This is also the easiest purse I have ever made.” Even better she had all of the information I needed to order the Bento Baggu pattern.

I can’t wait to one try my own.  Well several, one from hand marbled fabric, one from fabric from Bold Over Batik and one from hand dyed then hand stenciled using Shiva Paintstiks.  So many ideas and so little time.

Versatile Vest

Versatile VestI used hand dye, hand marbled and Amish black fabric to make the short version of the Versatile Vest, by Dana Maria Design Co.  This was still in the early stages of wearable art for me, so it doesnt have any quilting or embellisment.

Jakarta Jacket

jakartaJakarta is one of my favorite patterns by Dana Marie Design Co.  It is comfortable to wear, doesn’t itch and has pockets.  What more could you ask for?  The front is  hand marbled and batiks fabrics (eight different fabrics in all) with hand dyed lavender bias strips separating the pieces.  I just realized that this photo has the old closure on the jacket.  It took several tries before I found the perfect one.