Rusty Bits

I am having so much fun with my rust printed fabric.  It has a wonderful organic feel to it.  I have a couple more quilted pieces coming using Rusty Bits Fabric.  But I have also gotten questions and feedback.

What kind of things work best?  Interesting shapes like Keys, Springs, Gears, Chain, Wire, Nails, things you can lay on the fabric or wind up in the fabric.  don’t stress out, just play with it.

How come mine comes out lighter?  It could but the difference in water.  I have well water with iron in it.  It is possible that some of the iron from the water is deposited on the fabric.  If you have city water you may want to try letting it sit overnight so some of the chemicals have time to evaporate somewhat. 

Does it change the hand of the fabric?  Yes

Where do I find rusty stuff to use?  The side of the road.  Just let it be known to friends and family that you are looking  for rusty stuff and it’s amazing what you might end up with.

Hope that helps.  Mostly have a lot of fun.