Polly Glows

pollyPoll Dougherty is creating this stunning quilt (60″ x 75″).  She purchased the majority of the fabric from mepollyfaba.  It includes some of my hand marbled pieces.  (Click on the thumbnail photo on the Right)  This is definitely on of those “don’t you love it when the plan comes together moments”.  Polly is pleased with the fabric selection and her work.  She is interviewing some extremely talented LongArm Quilters so that she continues to get the right WOW for her creation.  It is truly a Labor of Love and worth every minute she has put into it.

Rainbow Dragonswings

blogrdwYou may remember Rainbow from an earler post.  I marbled using the colors of the rainbow.  This fabric just makes my world happy.  I took a few pieces to my Quilt Group gathering, for show & tell and they bought all I had.  That Reaction I will take as a positive sign.  I never intend for my quilt group to be a market place,  but they sure a great Test Group, so suportive, encouraging and creative.

The Meadow

deersblogThis is my version of The Meadow by Jeri Kelly.  I am still experimenting with thread painting and loving it.  And I still find myself drawing outside the lines.  I used a variety of hand dyed, hand marbled, rust printed, batiks and some ultrasuede to get the effect I was searching  for.  I have included closeups of the stream flowing out onto the borders and of the thread painting on the tree leaves.  Click on the photo to see it larger.  treecu