Pond Critters

pond-critterswebPond Critters by Patch Abilities is quick and easy.  It may be little but I had great fun creating my version.  It was the first piece I used my Rush Printed fabric in.  I combined the rust fabric with Batiks, Jacquards, hand marbled, hand dyed and even a piece of a commercial print.  The Rust Printed Fabric adds depth to the wall handing.  I used Yukon Gold in the Dragon Wing Design for the dragonfly wing and then embellished with Copper Metallic thread to add a touch of sparkle.


moosewebSolitude by Jeri Kelly really reminds me of Alaska.  I always enjoyed seeing moose feeding from the vegetation from the pond bottom.  Sometimes you couldn’t see the moose until they raised their heads out of the water.

Click on the photo to see my entire Sample.  This pattern is quick and easy.  I used a variety of fabrics hand marbled, hand dyed, Batiks and Jacquards.  Instead of using fusible web for the entire piece I tacked it into place and thread painted.  Also did the borders a bit different.  Just another thought and idea.

Experiments with Rust

rustblogOne advantage to being snow bound is, more time to experiment.  I raided my dad’s junk pile and have started playing. 

Supplies Needed:
2 Container with lid
Interesting rusty objects

Place the fabric in the water.  Once all of the fabric is wet, remove from water, wring it out, so that it is just damp.  I use a smaller container to immerse the damp fabric in the vinegar.  Remove from vinegar and let excess drip back into the container.  I cover and store the vinegar for the next session.  Take your rusty pieces and wrap in the vinegar soaked fabric.  Place in the second container cover and let sit a couple of days.  The longer if sits the darker the rust print.  I sometimes move the rusty pieces around and let it sit for a couple more days.  Remove rusty pieces from fabric and hand to dry.  Wash, dry and iron. 


New Year, New Color, New Design

I am always experimenting with new color combinations and marbling design I have not tried before.rainbowstones1  This one I am calling rainbowRainbow because I used the color of the Rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  The design on the left is River Rocks, it really shows off the different colors.  The design on the right is called Bouquet.  I have used the same color combination and you can see how different it looks.  The Bouquet takes a little more time and you must be very precise in your motions, but the results are Wow!