What our clients are saying about us!

So not only do you offer gorgeous fabrics at very fair prices, you include shipping in the yardage price, you have very fast fulfillment on the orders placed, AND YOU RECALCULATE AN ORDER TO SAVE ME $1.01 when you didn’t have to do that!!

I am very grateful to be one of your customers, and wish you the happiest of holidays.  Thanks for how well you do what you do…

Pat Raffee

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I also live in the land of dial-up, (as do many of you) so I do not include fancy graphics and photos, just links to the good stuff.

Creations in Silk

Sometime back I purchased a bunch of Shiva Paint Sticks off of eBay.  It was one of those items that the seller didn’t know what they had.  But I did.  

Since then I have been reading up on different ways to use the paint sticks.  I really wanted to try a few different techniques.  I started with rubbing them on rubbing plates.  And them cut out my own stencils using freezer paper.  That worked great except if you want to use the stencil again, you must wait for the paint on the stencil paper to dry or  you get paint everywhere.  Then I tried some old stencils I had for putting a design on a wall.  This method was a winner for me.

I love the whole creative process.  The progression it takes to find my own style always fascinates me.  I love to see my style grow, emerge and take shape.  I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of the journey with paint sticks. 

The two photos (below) are of the silk scarves that I found my groove on.  The Red is hand dyed Fushia  and hand painted with Red, Pink and White flowers.  I created a random burst of flowers at each end, with a few flowers falling in between.  The other is Hand dyed Turquoise and then hand painted using a bunch of different colors.  I started with just doing butterflies.  But butterflies are always looking for flowers loaded with pollen.  They just grew. 

I can’t wait to do some more creations.


Storm Blue

Our Newest Featured Fabric is Storm Blue in the River Rocks Design.  I always thing of this color as storm are brewing and rolling across the valley.  Clouds are dark and mysterious, but always changing and moving.

Is This What You Mean By Pastels?

This wall-hanging always makes me smile, well smirk is more like it.  I have never bonded with pastels.  If you look at my fabric you would not find a pastel anywhere.  I made this this quilt on a bit of a dare and had to ask the question.  Is this what you mean by pastels?