Faceted Jewel

rondyfullFaceted Jewel By Rondy Voorhees and machine quilted by Wanda Rains.  This quilt is a wonderful use of color.  Rondy use a variety of my hand marbled fabrics to create the jewels. 

And yes, it really makes me happy, proud, excited and amazed to see how others create using my hand marbled fabrics. 

Alaska Bear

alaska-bear-10I have a love hate relationship with the Alaska Bear by Karen Nickelson.  Now don’t get me wrong I love this walihanging as it is Karen’s first creation not using a pattern.  But the pieces of my hand marbled fabrics that she used for the backgrounds were a once in a lifetime creation.  The hand dyed then hand marbled background is a mix of colors and I have tried to duplicate several times without success.

A Garden of Friends

simonefullA Garden of Friends is an original piece by Simone Montfort.  I love the fact that this piece also involved other artists, as the Sea Horse was drawn by her daughter Beth and the Mermaid was drawn by her neice Amber.  I have included a close up of the Mermaid, because I love way she was created.

Autumn aka Wild Copper

autumnb1One of the things that I enjoy most about hand marbling fabric is creating the color combinations.  Autumn or Wild Copper starts with the same hand dyed Copper that you will find on my web site.  But rather than marbling on it in the muted colors that you will see in my hand marbled Copper, I have added contrast.  Orange, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Green and Black to make it pop.  Why call it Autumn?  When I look out my back door that is the color of allthe the ferns, foliage and leaves.

Sweatshirt Jacket

Why call it a sweatshirt jacket?  It is built on a sweatshirt.  I found a pattern called Kwik Sweatshirt Jacket.  It tells how to take the sweatshirt apart, attach the fabric and sew it all back together.  I used my own layout for the fabric design.  I found using Bias tape makers and making my own bias tape for in between the various fabrics really worked well.  Hand marbled fabric and other commercial prints were used.  It really became a huge experiment in machine quilting, different shapes and designs.  And because it is a sweatshirt on the inside I wear it all the time.

Peter’s Rainbow IV

Peter’s Rainbow IV is one in a series of four Rainbow Trout.  This all started with 9/11.  Peter was killed on the second plane to hit the Twin Towers, his brother is a very dear friend of mine.  I wanted to do something as a reminder of the love these two brothers shared for each other and for fly fishing. 

The original Peter’s Rainbow resides with Peter’s brother.  The second lives in Alaska, the third is in my home.  And the fourth resides with Matt & Megan Katzenberg, it is the first one I used Hand Marbled for most of the Trout.