I have been busy creating goodies to tempt you with.  Left to right: Snow Dyed, Four Hand Marbled Pieces, Fire, Storm, Sun and Emotion Red, Snow Dyed, Snow Dyed, Rusty Bits, Three hand Marbled Pieces, Autumn, Little Monsters, Light Lavender and Snow Dyed.  All are Hand Made.  Yes, Rusty bit are back!  When the whole cotton thing happened I could not get the fabric liked using.  Tried out several, with so so results, finally decided to wait for the fabric I love.

Cascade Concrete

Here I am with even more Snow Dyed fabric.  Why Cascade Concrete?  The Snow started out as wet heavy snow.  It froze hard.  I love working with CC when Snow Dying my fabric.  The colors are wonderful and bright.  Just added more to my website.
I am finding I am so in love with making fabric I have a hard time getting started on any new quilting projects.
Is that a bad thing?

Snow, Snow and More Snow Dyes

bejeweledred_snaketeals_volcanoJust a small sample of the new snow dyes for the season.  I must admit that I’m in love with more than a few of my snow dyed fabrics.  And I am happy to announce that I am working on a tutorial on how I do snow dying.   You can find lots of information on Snow Dying and each is a little different technique.  I have the photos done, next is writing the text and posting.  Stay tuned for more fun!

PS.  Bejeweled has been sold.

Playing in Ice & Snow

If you have read any of my blog you know that I am enamored with Snow Dying. The last issue of Quilting Arts had a small article on using ice cubes.  I had to try it!  
snow_dyed_twins_oneHere are some of the finished product.  The look just like my Snow Dyed Fabric. Part of the fascination for me is how different they can be.  I place several yards of fabric in the pile of snow or ice and quite often the pieces come out looking totally unrelated.  The colors are different, but beautiful.  The two pieces in this post were in the same ice pile and one came out jewel toned and the other earth tones.

snow_dyed_twins_twoIt is the surprise and unpredictability that I love.


thickened_dye_fhthickened_dye_fqNot to long ago the members of my Surface Design Group escaped for some fun.  We spent two days experimenting with thickened dye.  We dyed, stamped, stenciled, dabbed and painted fabric.  The first two are made using thickened dye, a foam roller, stencil and brush.  I’m not sure if this is the final produce or if I will over dye or something else.

on_fireLeaf one is also made using thickened dye, stamp and foam roller.  We discovered that the dye needed to be at different thicknesses for different techniques.  We all started out wearing gloves, I was a lost cause.  Instead I came home with multi-colored hands.  Not to worry it has already worn off.

On Fire and Amethyst & Sun (below) are both created using a dyeing method that was new to me.  This is the first time that our SDG did a retreat, we are already planning the next one.  I came away with some new thoughts and ideas.  I cannot wait to experiment more.


New Hand Marbled Design

scarlet_feathers_fullSummer is when I hand marble fabric for my Fall Shows.  I’m in my studio every day trying to come up with gorgeous new colors and designs to tempt you.  I have been fiddling with a couple of different designs.  Yes, fiddling, playing, tweaking until everything clicks into place and I know its right.  This is a new version of an old design called Feathers. I can already envision using it in different colors for a variety of things, feathers, borders, foliage, a feather boa, the list goes on and on.


Piles of Fabric

hand-dyed-pile-of-fabricIf you are wonder what I have been up to.  this is just a small portion of the fabric I have been Hand Dying.  I’m not sure how much I have done total in the last month.  My best guess is around 200 yards and counting.  I will start Marbling soon,  I’ll keep you posted on new colors, as I always have new ideas.