Kimono Leaves


This is how it all started.  I had been wanting to create the long version of the Kimono Jacket, after all it has pockets and is easy to wear.  This button from JJ Handworks was my inspiration.  I also wanted to use some to the pieces that I had created using paintstiks on hand dyed fabric combined with hand marbled fabric and a beautiful batik.

kimono_leaves_back I wanted to experiment with different styles of fill in Free Motion Machine Quilting and thread.  So each section is a bit different design and thread.  I have fallen in love with Wonderfil Thread.  This was a wonderful way to get to know some of their different threads and I had a great time playing with thread.

kimono_leaves_frontI will confess that the Left side (the black with all the falling leaves) is not the original panel.  I did one using thread and I was just not happy with the way it turn out.  By that time I no longer had any more of the original batik.  I know me and if I don’t love my wearable pieces I won’t wear them.  So the jacket was on hold until inspiration hit.

I’m part of a Art Quilt group and one day we were playing with paintstiks and this idea just sort of fell together and Im so happy with the way Kimono Leaves turned out.  It was worth all of the time and energy.


Batik Diamond


Batik Diamonds is my most current pattern sample.  This top takes 14 Fat Quarters, 7 dark and 7 light.  I worked on it two afternoons to finish piecing.  It will be traveling with me, then it will get quilted.pumpkin_wings_batik_lg  It all started with the Pumpkin Wings Batik, a multi colored batik.  I then went thru my fabrics and pulled out some that had one or more of the many colors in it.  I wanted bright, happy, sunny colors and yes it makes me smile.

Maddison’s Quilt

maddison_full_sizeMy neice just recently had her first child.  This is a quilt Grandma made for Maddison.  As you can see much of the fabric is from me.  It all started with the cat fabrics,  some really bright cats in various jewel tones.  And it just grew from there.  Our family is of the notion that bright colors are for babies, no pastels allowed.  Bright orange, blue, lime green,  pink,  yellow, red, purple.   The back is Hand dyed lime green Flannel.  I love the quilting with the big outlines of cats.   It was fun to be able to help choose the fabric and now to see the final project completed.  Well the photos for now, the quilt and Maddison soon. maddison_cu1

Something in Cerulean Blue

little_something_blue_backlittle_something_blue_front1My latest creation was really just for fun, well and possibly to wear to a fancy wedding later in the Summer.  I hand dyed some  PFD Jacquard a beautiful Cerulean Blue.  The panel on the back is a piece from an antique kimono that I found in my wanderings.  I outlined it with a Lilac Patina batik.  I used a 1/2″ bias tape maker to make the outline strips.  It is all very simple but elegant and suits me just fine. 

And Yes,  you can find  A little Somethin’  the pattern, the PFD Rose Damask Jacquard  and the batik all on my website

Pavers in Blue & Purple

Pavers_Blue_PurplePavers is an easy 45″ x 56″ quilt.  Double the yardage for a Twin and triple for a Queen.  It is best to use a minimum of five different fabrics for the blocks.  But I think ten fabrics would look great.  Or even a scrappy one would be fun and us up all those scraps that seem to pile up.  But currently I’m into a Blue/Purple phase.  The next step is to get some kits put together for my website.

Haunted Tree

haunted-treeHaunted tree is made from the pattern The Dancing Tree.  The pattern directions call for the use of fusible web, but I thought that I would use a little black thread to add texture.  The next thing I knew I had add texture to the entire tree.  Then the leaves appeared and the trunk need a bit of color to make it more 3D.  My husband wandered into my studio and said “Haunted trees always have a knot hole.”

Below is a close up of the tree trunk.


Green Beans Anyone?

Contemporary Classic












This pattern is made from Dana Marie Design Co. pattern Contemporary Classics and it really does not look at all like the pattern photo.  I had a vision and it turned out even better than I had dreamed.  I used hand marbled fabric for the front and back panels.  The rest of the jacket is hand dyed fabric.  The entire jacket is quilted and took hour to complete.  But the jacket itself is really easy to put together.  It’s easy and comfortable to wear.