Falling Leaves Jacket

Kimono_Jacket_FrontFalling Leaves is one of my favorite jackets, it is easy to wear and it has pockets.  It is also a paintstik project that evolved, it started as a simple jacket and ended up rather dramatic, never fails to attract attention.
Kimono_Jacket_BackThe original panels are the ones you see on Hand Dyed Gold fabric.  I uses a wide variety of leaf and vine stencils, Matte Sap Green and Meadow Green with a light wash of Iridescent Copper on the edges for the panels.  Below is a close-up of the back panel.
The black (Left Side) of the jacket is were it received it name, I was walking in the wood with the dogs and saw the leaves falling and knew that was the way to finish the jacket.  The same paintstik colors but on black this time.

Spring Maze/ Autumn Haze

I was asked for photos of some of my Paintstik Projects, only to discovered I am a bit behind at posting a few things.  Spring Maze/Autumn Haze is two blocks and just by changing the setting you can create two completely different quilts.  This is the Spring Maze version.  I concluded that the blocks were so bright and bold that hand dye border was required.  My obsession with Paintstiks continues. Spring_Maze_Autumn_HazeSpring Maze looked very organic, a field of wildflowers in full bloom.  You will find ferns and dragonflies in two corners and a few little dragon flies randomly in the several center of the blocks.
Spring_Maze_CornerSpring_Maze_TopI love it when a plan comes together.  The fern and dragonflies added a wonderful little something to my wildflower garden.


Outside the Box

Outside_the_BoxI am always looking for patterns to show off my hand made fabrics.  In this case I have mixed my Snow Dyed fabric with some beautiful batiks.  I fell in love with Outside the box, because it has a different look, more modern.  It’s not hard to assemble, but can be tedious.  The instructions are excellent and in color.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like quilted.

Wildflower Pattern Samples

WildFlowersI do believe Spring is here.  My Lupine is blooming and I will have Fireweed later in the Summer.  But right now, I have two gorgeous patterns to show you.    Lupine_Sample

For Lupine I used primarily My Hand Dyed Fabrics.  Light, Medium, and Dark Purple for the flower.  Light, Medium, Dark Green Hand Dyed and a Dark Green Hand Marbled for the Foliage.  Straw color Batiks for the grasses.  Scraps of White and Teal Radiance Silk/Cotton for the Dragonfly.  Light Blue Patina for the background and Dark Blue Batik for the Boarders.  Stay tuned for the quilting.

Fireweed_SampleFor Fireweed  The Background and Foliage is much the same, Light, Medium, Dark Green Hand Dyed Fabric and a Dark Green Hand Marbled for the Foliage.  Straw color Batiks for the grasses.  Light Blue Patina for the background and Dark Blue Batik for the Boarders.  The Fireweed Flower is done using my hand Dyed Pink and Radiance Silk/Cotton in White and Berry.    And stay tuned for the quilting.

I can’t wait to start quilting.  I found a new lighter weight fusible web in the middle of making samples for Lupine and Fireweed.  I really love it.  Quilting will be the final test.  And Yes, I have it on order and will let you know when it arrives.

Everything uesed to make these wallhangings can be purchased at my website www.marbled-arts.com


What to do with Snow Dyed Fabric?

” Your fabrics are so beautiful, I just cannot cut it.”  I hear that frequently.  Here is an idea using my Snow Dyed fabric, that just might appeal to you.  This wall hanging is based on the Pavers pattern.  Instead using a variety of fabrics, we chose to use one gorgeous Snow Dyed Fabric and a rich Hand Dyed Fabric.  I say we because, I received an email form my sister Karen that said, “Do you need any samples made?  I don’t currently have a project.”  I picked out the fabric and turned her loose.  I got frequent email updates (she received an ipad for Christmas).  I just finished putting on the binding last night.  Playing_With_SnowI think I’m in Love!  Also check out the quilting.  All squares and rectangles.Close_UP

Scrappy Pavers

scrappy_pavers_fullScrappy Pavers is a wonderful way to use up scraps.  I had constructed an earlier version using five different Batiks as the main blocks of fabrics.  But I kept thinking, “I always have lots of scraps”.  I cut the twenty 10 inch blocks from twenty different fabrics.  I used a variety of dark, medium and lights in Hand Marbled, Batiks and a few fabrics from Bold Over Batiks with black Hand Dyed fabric.  I made the sashing a bit wider, as it seamed that your eye needed a little more break with all of the amazing color.  I love this pattern as it is quick and easy  and you can find it on my website


Kimono Leaves


This is how it all started.  I had been wanting to create the long version of the Kimono Jacket, after all it has pockets and is easy to wear.  This button from JJ Handworks was my inspiration.  I also wanted to use some to the pieces that I had created using paintstiks on hand dyed fabric combined with hand marbled fabric and a beautiful batik.

kimono_leaves_back I wanted to experiment with different styles of fill in Free Motion Machine Quilting and thread.  So each section is a bit different design and thread.  I have fallen in love with Wonderfil Thread.  This was a wonderful way to get to know some of their different threads and I had a great time playing with thread.

kimono_leaves_frontI will confess that the Left side (the black with all the falling leaves) is not the original panel.  I did one using thread and I was just not happy with the way it turn out.  By that time I no longer had any more of the original batik.  I know me and if I don’t love my wearable pieces I won’t wear them.  So the jacket was on hold until inspiration hit.

I’m part of a Art Quilt group and one day we were playing with paintstiks and this idea just sort of fell together and Im so happy with the way Kimono Leaves turned out.  It was worth all of the time and energy.