Dragonfly & Ginkgo Leaf Jacket

Dragonfly_FrontThe Dragonfly and Ginkgo Leaf Jacket is one of the first pieces of clothing I made using paintstiks and stencils.  It was the most nerve racking by far.  I had just enough Hand Dyed Fabric to make the jacket, any mistakes could have been fatal.
Dragonfly_BackThe dragonflies are all done using Iridescent Silver, with a few having Iridescent Dark Blue bodies.
The Ginkgo leaves were more of a challenge.  Matte Beige was used as a primer, followed by Matte Sap Green and Meadow Green.  I used Iridescent Gold for a light wash over to top to add just a little sparkle.

Falling Leaves Jacket

Kimono_Jacket_FrontFalling Leaves is one of my favorite jackets, it is easy to wear and it has pockets.  It is also a paintstik project that evolved, it started as a simple jacket and ended up rather dramatic, never fails to attract attention.
Kimono_Jacket_BackThe original panels are the ones you see on Hand Dyed Gold fabric.  I uses a wide variety of leaf and vine stencils, Matte Sap Green and Meadow Green with a light wash of Iridescent Copper on the edges for the panels.  Below is a close-up of the back panel.
The black (Left Side) of the jacket is were it received it name, I was walking in the wood with the dogs and saw the leaves falling and knew that was the way to finish the jacket.  The same paintstik colors but on black this time.

I feel like a proud parent!

I love making fabrics, doesn’t matter if it is Snow Dyed, Hand Marbled or Hand Dyed, it makes me HAPPY!  I just returned from the APWQ Quilt Show in Tacoma, WA and was thrilled to see several amazing quilts that included my Hand Made Fabrics.  Gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.  I only was able to take photos of two (happy to say I was just to busy to be away from my booth for longer).

Mom’s Missing Marbled  Colleen Wise and Arlene Wise.  I stole my mom’s unfinished blue/white quilt top and sdded the applique marbles.  It’s a privilege to collaborate with you, Mom!  I love you!  36″ x 36″

Dawn – Colleen  Wise  Night fades to cool grays and the planets vanish as dawn breaks in the Pacific Northwest.  68″ x 54″  

Love Your Mother by Cornelia Gauger

“Love Your Mother” is a wonderful creation by Cornelia Gauger.  It is 12″ x 12″ quilt and shows the Mother Goddess “hanging out” with Mother Earth and watching over all of us.  I love the fact that “Love Your Mother” is simple but says a lot.  The fabric choices make it dynamic.  The background is hand dyed fabric, the earth is Hand Marbled Fabric and the Goddess is Fairy Frost and adds just a little sparkle.


Dancing Cranes by Kathy McNeil

I like to provide inspiration for you.  I continue to hear that you can’t bare to cut my Hand Marbled fabric.  Here is a wonderful idea by Kathy McNeil.  Silk and Sashiko  These endangered cranes have a beautiful mating dance.

Take a closer look at the Cranes neck and the wing tips.   The Black Hand Marbled Fabric adds depth, motion and texture.  Kathy has a pattern for Dancing Cranes.

Versatile Vest

Versatile VestI used hand dye, hand marbled and Amish black fabric to make the short version of the Versatile Vest, by Dana Maria Design Co.  This was still in the early stages of wearable art for me, so it doesnt have any quilting or embellisment.