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Marbled_Moonlight_StonesHand Marbled Moonlight in River Rocks or Stones Design.  This is how the paint looks when it first goes onto the marbling base, before anything is done.  It is a very old marbling design and one of my favorites.  I have been walking in the moonlight with Miss Molly (my dog).


Paintstik Playdate

Paintstik Playdate

The thought behind this class is to get you addicted to using paintstiks and stencils.  You will learn a variety of simple techniques using different types of stencils, paintstiks and brushes on fabrics.    We will discuss the care and use of Paintstiks. Explore the differences between Matte and Iridescent Paintstiks.  Discover how helpful primers and blenders can be.  We are going to get out our paintstiks to experiment, play and create.

Please wear clothing you don’t mind getting paint on.

Supply List
Paintstiks – a minimum of 3 colors
Brushes – a minimum of 3 brushes, I recommend 2 Paintstik brushes (short stubby) and 1 Stencil brushes (a bit longer and softer).
Stencils – one minimum
Fabric – Minimum of 8 pieces, no smaller than 14” x 14”.  Please pre-wash using a non-detergent soap (I use Synthrapol).   Cotton – darks and lights, with a pattern or without.  Optional Fabrics – Silk, Silk/Cotton, Rayon, Wool, Velvet (low nap is better).   Must be able to heat set all fabrics.
Paper Towels
Blue Painters Tape
Kitchen Parchment Paper
Sharp knife or potato peeler
Sticky Notes
Citra-Solve or Brush Soap

Optional Supplies
Grip-n- Grip
Permanently Repositionable Spray (404)
Handy Wipes
Old Towel

I have been getting questions about Synthrapol & Synthrapol Low Foam.  Here is how I use it:

Synthrapol & Synthrapol Low Foam
Synthrapol is a liquid detergent used in pre-scouring fibers before dying and in washing out fibers reactive dyes after dying.  Synthrapol should only be used in top loading washing machines.  For Front Load washing machines you will need Synthrapol Low Foam only.

Here is the recipe for that I use for the PFD Fabric that I sell.  It is based on ½ teaspoon Soda Ash and ½ teaspoon Synthrapol per pound of fabric.  The amount will vary depending on the type and weight of the fabric.  Wash your fabric on the HOT cycle Minimum temperature of 140 Degree F (60 degree C).   I always pre-scour my fabric before dying.

Yards of Fabric Synthrapol Soda Ash
2 ½ to 3 ½ t. ½ t.
5 to 6 1 t. 1 t.
7.5 to 9 1 ½ t. 1 ½ t.
10 to 12 2 t. 2 t.
12.5 to 15 2 ½ t. 2 ½ t.
15 to 18 1 T. 1 T.
17.5 to 21 1 T. + ½ t. 1 T. + ½ t.
20 to 24 1 T + 1 t. 1 T. + 1t.

I never use over 2 Tablespoons of Synthrapol Low Foam in my Front Loading washing machine.

Final Wash
Based on ¼ t. of Synthrapol per Yard of my PFD fabric.  Wash your fabric on the HOT cycle Minimum temperature of 140 Degree F (60 degree C).

Yards of Fabric Synthrapol
1 Yard ¼ t.
2 Yards ½ t.
3 Yards ¾ t.
4 Yards 1 t.
5 Yards 1 ¼ t.
6 Yards 1 ½ t.
7 Yards 1 ¾ t.
8 Yards 2 t.
9 Yards 2 ¼ t.
10 Yards 2 ½ t.
11  Yards 2 ¾ t.
12 Yards 1 T.
13 Yards 1 T. + ¼ t.
14 Yards 1 T. + ½ t.
15 Yards 1 T +  ¾ t.
16 Yards 1T + 1 t.
17 Yards 1 T + 1 ¼ t.
18 Yards 1 T + 1 ½ t.
19 Yards 1 T + 1 ¾ t.
20 Yards 1 T + 2 t.
21 Yards 1 T + 2 ¼ t.
22 Yards 1 T + 2 ½ t.
23 Yards 1 T + 2 ¾ t.
24 Yards 2 T.

I never use over 2 Tablespoons of Synthrapol Low Foam in my Front Loading washing machine.

Snow Dyes for 2015

Just a few new pieces of Snow Dyed Fabric to inspire you.  You will find more on my web site at www.marbled-arts.com

Snow Dyed Table Runner

Snow_Dyed_TablerunnerKaren Nickelson has been at it again.  She used one of my Snow Dyed Fabrics, a Payne’s Gray Paintstik and a stencil to create this table runner.


Dancing_Purple_DragonWingsI am always experimenting with colors.  Dancing Purple in the Dragon Wing’s Design is our current Featured Fabric.  It has a variety of moods depending on who it is hanging out with.


Sawtooth Mountains

Karen Nickelson made this wall-hanging after visiting the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho this Summer.  She worked from a couple of photos.Sawtooth_MountainsI love the reflection in the lake and the clouds in the mountains.
Mountains_CloudsTake note of the dead snags in the foreground of this photo.
Sawtooth_Mountains_QuiltKaren opened almost every piece of snow dyed fabric I had.  We hung different candidates on the outside of my booth wall (had a corner).  We looked at the different pieces for three days.  This one was the winner.  Karen used Blue painters tape and Payne’s Gray Paintstik to create the silhouette of the trees and added a little thread work to give the trees texture.  I love the fact that she didn’t try to do an exact replica of the photo, but gave you the look and feel of the mountains, lake reflection, clouds and trees.

Yep, here and at my Facebook Page.  It is now an extreme close up of Emotion Red in the Waved Feathers Design. I am just about to start dying the fabric to be hand marbled. Always a ton of fun. Dreaming of new colors.

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