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Nothing makes me happier than seeing my hand marbled fabrics turned into wonderful, brilliant, amazing creations.  A couple of Summers ago I received a this photo from Joy Hegglund.  She had taken the photo on Hornby Island, BC, Canada.  Joy was excited to be taking a class from Kathy McNeil and she would be using this photo.  Kathy was kind enough to recommend my hand marbled fabrics to her students.  Joy wanted a range of grays dark to light and a selection of blacks.  I started experimenting with a gradation of grays, dying them and then marbling.  Joy had planned ahead, so I was able to get her hand marbled fabrics to her in plenty of time class her class.

Earlier this week another photo arrived of the completed quilt, Guardian Spirits.  Congratulations are in order as Guardian Spirits has been accepted into International Quilt Festival, Houston 2015.

It takes my breath away.  I love seeing the original photo and then Joy’s creation.  Is it just me are do I see faces in some of the rocks?
Guardian_Spirits_EXOK, I had to show off my hand marbled fabric.  I am in the middle of adding new color and updating existing colors to my web site.  Take a look!


Burnt_Orange_Dragon_WingYep!, I am in the middle of marbling mania.  Just finished ironing Burnt Orange in Dragon Wing Design and knew it was the new Featured Fabric.  Really love the color combination marbled on the Burnt Orange background.

Mariana Foliart was in my booth at Quilt Fest in October 2104.  She was admiring my hand marbled fabrics and all of a sudden she looked at me and said something to the effect of “I’ve got it, I know just what to do”.  I asked “Got what?”  She said, “You will see”.

In May 2015 during a wonderful visit to the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum with my sister, we found Diamond String Quilt.  The original (on left) was created in 1890 it’s maker is unknown.  Marianna was so taken with she decided to make and updated version.  The original quilt was made using silk, due to age and the chemical processes use on silk during the period (1880 – 1890) the black silk varies in color.  I was so excited to see that mariana had used my hand dyed marbled fabrics to create that vintage look.



A Job well done.

Marbling Begins

I have been busy dying fabric to marble.  I have two large piles of fabric dyed, thought I had best get started on the marbling part.  Here is a glimpse into the marbling process.  River Rocks – this is how the marbling base looks after I drop the paints onto the surface.  The paint expands and I can drop the fabric at this stage or carry on.River_Rocks


The first step in moving the paint and creating a design is always Gel-Git which means back and forth.  It is the foundation for most marbling designs.


Followed by Cascade.  I use a selection of custom made rakes and combs, different widths 1/4″  to 3″ gaps.


I can go several ways at this point, this piece turned into Dragon Wing.  This is one of my original designs and the name is because everyone sees some sort of wing it the design.



The first three days of color are Cerulean, Purple and Teal.  The colors are always darker when the are wet.  Some colors are opaque, others are transparent, that may call for adjusting and fiddling with the colors a bit.  I also have started using a clear Iridescent paint, because it is clear it allows the  hand dyed fabric color to shine thru for more drama.



Room for twenty pieces per day.




They get to drip dry over night, followed by a two week rest to cure.7_Teal

Cerulean Marbled in Freestyle Design is my current Featured Fabric. I’m not sure why but I have become obsessed with Cerulean. When I hear the saying “once in a blue moon”, I am convinced that it is a Cerulean Moon. The next one will be July 31, 2015.


2016_LupineLupine in full bloom with more on the way.
More_ComingReaching for the sun in the early morning.  And many more blooms on the way.
SmileMy lupine always bring a smile to my face.  They also make the bee population very happy.
MollyMiss Molly my ever faithful companion, finally got her to sit still for a photo.

Chartreuse_Dragon_WingsSpring is officially here.  I do not go by the official calendar, first day of Spring and all of that.  I go by when I get buzzed by the first hummingbird that thinks my red scarf is a flower/feeder.  That was yesterday, the scarf now goes into storage until next Fall.  Chartreuse in Dragon Wings Design is the herald of Spring and our new Featured Fabric.  The fresh new leaf green, with all of the wonderful colors to follow very soon.

Marbled_Moonlight_StonesHand Marbled Moonlight in River Rocks or Stones Design.  This is how the paint looks when it first goes onto the marbling base, before anything is done.  It is a very old marbling design and one of my favorites.  I have been walking in the moonlight with Miss Molly (my dog).


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