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Happy Birthday Jordan!

Birthday_FlightNeighbor Jordan had a birthday last week and a friend of his showed up to take him for a ride.  Wow, what fun!  Happy Birthday Jordan.

Summer Pavers Kit

Summer_Pavers_KitYippee! I just got Summer Pavers Kit Sample together.  I wanted bright, popping color that make me think of Summer.  I will use the leftovers from the Blocks to do the Binding.  Yes, Summer Paver is all batiks and can be found on my website with or without the pattern.

Beginnings_2003This Winter I received this in the mail.  This is a group of photos taken of my very first booth setup at a quilt snow.  If I remember correctly it is at La Conner Quilt Fest 2004.  At that time I just had Hand Dyed Marbled Fabric, a few sample, pillows and Framed Hand Marbled Fabric.  Now ten years later, things have changed. Now_2014 I now just fit into a 10′ x 20′ booth, my Hand Dyed Marbled Fabrics have expanded to include Hand Dyed Fabrics(Cotton and Silk), Snowed Dyed Fabrics and Hand Dyed Bamboo Socks.  My product line has expanded to include Cotton Batiks, Rayon Batik Scarves, Patterns,  Artists Paintstiks, Stencils, a variety of Art Quilting Supplies and Sewing Notions and more. And_Now_2014 That would be me showing how to use Paintstiks, Brushes and Stencils on Fabric.  After all it is my job to tempt you!  I’m still at www.marbled-arts.com

Moon_Light_Waved_FeatherI have been having a hard time settling on a name for this one.  The base color is just the right mix of Navy and Hot Pink, then marbled in blues, pinks, purples.  Not long ago I was out taking an evening walk with Miss Molly (my dog), we had a gorgeous moon.  The light and shadows were breathtaking.  I made a quick stop in my studio to grab something and spied this piece sitting on my work table.  Moon Light now has a name.

Lupine have Arrived!!!!

My Lupine patch started as a 2 ft. x 4 ft.  patch, it is now much larger.  These are some of the early ones.Lupine-AI Have a path through them.  When the sun is out they are full of Bees and Hummingbirds.
Lupine-BGives a whole new meaning to the word Buzzed.
Lupine-CI just quietly remind the critters that I planted the Lupine and the need to mind their manners.
Lupine-DI love the fact that they continue to bloom for much of the Summer.  And the keep spreading over the berm in the backyard.
Lupine-EView from above.  Wonderful rain catchers.
Lupine-FVibrant colors!  My apple trees always get pollinated.
Lupine-GMost of all they just make me happy.  Enjoy!


Orchid in Freestyle Design

Orchid all started out with a photo.  On occasion I am able to do custom work for clients.  It usually starts with an emailed photo.  Joy sent me this beautiful photo.
Joy's_FlowerWhat an amazing gradation of color!   She also sent me some color chips as a starting point.  I started experimenting with gradation color dying, followed by photos being sent back and forth.
Gradation of Colors Once the background color was just right, the tone on tone marbling began.  Joy made her final selection and I sent off the marbled fabrics. Final_Marbled_SelectionBut I loved the Orchid color so much I made my own version.  I started with a dark rich orchid background and marbled in a variety of colors.  This is also the first of my colors using a bit different technique that allows more of the background color to show through.

How to Apply Terial Magic™ to Fabric.

Step 1: In a dry sink or large bowl, spray Terial Magic™ all over your fabric until it’s saturated, almost dripping.

Step 2: Squeeze out excess solution into the sink or bowl.  Make sure the entire piece of fabric is wet.  Re-spray if necessary and squeeze out excess.

Step 3: Hang to dry, about 15 to 20 minutes. I was surprised at how fast it dried.

Step 4: You can air dry most of the way and then even if it’s slightly wet, take down and iron it until it’s dry. The ironed fabric should feel stiff and paper-like.

Step 5: Cut using Rotary Cutter or sharp scissors.

The 24 oz. bottle will do 4 to 5 yards of fabric.  You can use a curling iron to shape the treated fabric. Terial Magic™ will wash away.  If your creation is going to be exposed to the elements; you can spray it with Clear Acrylic Matt Finish so it will hold its shape.
Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch
Krylon Clear


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