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Orchid in Freestyle Design

Orchid all started out with a photo.  On occasion I am able to do custom work for clients.  It usually starts with an emailed photo.  Joy sent me this beautiful photo.
Joy's_FlowerWhat an amazing gradation of color!   She also sent me some color chips as a starting point.  I started experimenting with gradation color dying, followed by photos being sent back and forth.
Gradation of Colors Once the background color was just right, the tone on tone marbling began.  Joy made her final selection and I sent off the marbled fabrics. Final_Marbled_SelectionBut I loved the Orchid color so much I made my own version.  I started with a dark rich orchid background and marbled in a variety of colors.  This is also the first of my colors using a bit different technique that allows more of the background color to show through.

How to Apply Terial Magic™ to Fabric.

Step 1: In a dry sink or large bowl, spray Terial Magic™ all over your fabric until it’s saturated, almost dripping.

Step 2: Squeeze out excess solution into the sink or bowl.  Make sure the entire piece of fabric is wet.  Re-spray if necessary and squeeze out excess.

Step 3: Hang to dry, about 15 to 20 minutes. I was surprised at how fast it dried.

Step 4: You can air dry most of the way and then even if it’s slightly wet, take down and iron it until it’s dry. The ironed fabric should feel stiff and paper-like.

Step 5: Cut using Rotary Cutter or sharp scissors.

The 24 oz. bottle will do 4 to 5 yards of fabric.  You can use a curling iron to shape the treated fabric. Terial Magic™ will wash away.  If your creation is going to be exposed to the elements; you can spray it with Clear Acrylic Matt Finish so it will hold its shape.
Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch
Krylon Clear


Storm_DragonWing_DesignStorm in the Dragon’s Wing Design is our current Featured Fabric.  We are having Winter Storms followed by days of sunshine.  Storm is Midnight Blue with bright colors through out.

Pile of Snow Dyed Fabric

Pile_Snow_Dyed_FabricIt may feel like I dropped of of the edge of the earth, but I promise I didn’t.  I just got rundown by life in general.  It took a little time to dig myself out.  And then it SNOWED!  I started snow dying with the snow from my backyard.  Followed by discovering some wonderful piles of snow in the Kendall Elemantary School parking lot.  Everyday I rinse out the previous days fabric, start a new batch and take a trip down to the parking lot for more snow.  No time to iron these beauties yet.  When I first started snow dying fabric I could dye 12 yard per day.  I got really creative this season and can now dye 27 yards per day.  But that means more snow, more work and longer days.  I can’t wait to be able to show them to you.

Midnight in_Freestyle DesignI feel a change in the air.  Nip of frost in the mornings.  Molly’s growing a nice thick coat to keep her tosty warm.  Midnight in Freestyle Design is our newest Featured Fabric.  On one hand it is dark and mysterious, but on the other hand, Midnight has glorious colors running wild.

Outside the Box

Outside_the_BoxI am always looking for patterns to show off my hand made fabrics.  In this case I have mixed my Snow Dyed fabric with some beautiful batiks.  I fell in love with Outside the box, because it has a different look, more modern.  It’s not hard to assemble, but can be tedious.  The instructions are excellent and in color.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like quilted.

Burnt_Orange_FreestyleBurnt Orange in Freestyle Design is now our Featured Fabric.  I am often asked how I come up with my different colors.  Some are easier to explain than others.  Burnt Orange was inspired by the burm in my back yard.InspirationMany of the ferns have turned their Fall colors, but you can see a few that are still green.  I love the contrast of the fire of Fall against the lush green.

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