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Yep, here and at my Facebook Page.  It is now an extreme close up of Emotion Red in the Waved Feathers Design. I am just about to start dying the fabric to be hand marbled. Always a ton of fun. Dreaming of new colors.

Chartreuse in Waved Icarus Design.  Time for something new.  I keep hearing that I may get snow today, but I am still dreaming of bright sunny color of Summer. Chartreuse_Waved_Icarus

Here is what I woke up to.  Just enough to call it snow, but not enough to do anything with.  Either way Miss Molly is really happy and running around like a crazy dog.



Mondays orders sold the last of the Hot Pink in Waved Feathers Design, so a quick change of design to Hot Pink in DargonWings Design.  Still that last blast of end of Summer color.

Hot_Pink_Waved_FeathersHot Pink in the Waved Feathers Design is my latest Featured Fabric.  I was out walking with Miss Molly and saw one lonesome dark pink Fireweed.  It was my last hint and smile of Summer, just wanted it to last a bit longer.

Tibetan_Curves_FrontEvery project starts somewhere.  This one started with a yard of Snow Dyed Fabric and a jacket pattern.  My Snow Dyed Fabric is dramatic and I did not want it to compete with the body of the jacket.  I hand dyed the jacket fabric and the flannel fabric for the batting.  But it needed something else to give it life.  That lead to experiments with all of the blue paintstiks in my stash.
Finally selected Iridescent Dark Blue for the Butterflies and Dragonflies.  Then I was stumped on how to quilt the pieces.
Got inspired by an issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.  I do love it when a plan comes together and it turned into a Garden for the Butterflies and Dragonflies.  I love the subtle use of the paintstiks.

Dragonfly_FrontThe Dragonfly and Ginkgo Leaf Jacket is one of the first pieces of clothing I made using paintstiks and stencils.  It was the most nerve racking by far.  I had just enough Hand Dyed Fabric to make the jacket, any mistakes could have been fatal.
Dragonfly_BackThe dragonflies are all done using Iridescent Silver, with a few having Iridescent Dark Blue bodies.
The Ginkgo leaves were more of a challenge.  Matte Beige was used as a primer, followed by Matte Sap Green and Meadow Green.  I used Iridescent Gold for a light wash over to top to add just a little sparkle.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a paintstik & stencil project.  A real attention grabber.  It is created  using the Aspen Trees Stencil and the Mini Iridescent sets Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Matte Ivory Black.  White Silk/Cotton Fabric is the base fabric,  in each panel I started painting in the background using the lightest color of the season, followed by the medium, then the darkest.  When the background was the way I wanted it, Blue Painters Tape was applied to the outside of the trees.  The Ivory Black was added to add definition and show off the trees.

Falling Leaves Jacket

Kimono_Jacket_FrontFalling Leaves is one of my favorite jackets, it is easy to wear and it has pockets.  It is also a paintstik project that evolved, it started as a simple jacket and ended up rather dramatic, never fails to attract attention.
Kimono_Jacket_BackThe original panels are the ones you see on Hand Dyed Gold fabric.  I uses a wide variety of leaf and vine stencils, Matte Sap Green and Meadow Green with a light wash of Iridescent Copper on the edges for the panels.  Below is a close-up of the back panel.
The black (Left Side) of the jacket is were it received it name, I was walking in the wood with the dogs and saw the leaves falling and knew that was the way to finish the jacket.  The same paintstik colors but on black this time.

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